Ecstasy In Mexico Beaches

What comes to your mind when you ponder over Mexico? Hearing to the word ‘Mexico,’ suddenly brings forth a postcard scenic image of golden sand, turquoise waters and lush green palms in front of the eyes. Loads of beaches fall in this picture, but however some are merely empty with a small number of palm-thatched eateries and cabanas and others are frequently visited urban beaches. Most of the stunning beaches are set in the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts.

Let’s go and visit them, don’t forget to carry your bathers and towel. “Vamos a nadar” I mean let’s go swimming…

Playa Del Carmen:

This is the hottest spot of Yucatan Peninsula. Playa Del Carmen’s sand is not that powdery stuff alike other Mexican Caribbean beaches and neither its water are cerulean. Still the beaches are crowded with loads of tanned, blonde and spectacular masses. But if crowded area does not make your preference, move towards the North of Calle 38, where the skinny palms provides shade. And those who are looking out for exploring under water adventure, then this splendid spot offers these features too, there are few diving sites located in the surrounding area.

Puerto Escondido:

This Mexican Pipeline surf affords an all-inclusive package and possesses some enchanting charm for fulfilling everyone’s desires. It bestows series of balmy beaches; coastal wildlife and the striking feature above all i.e. Puerto’s traditional manifestation as a fishing port and a market town is sure to delight anyone and everyone. This enthralling spot offers for diversity in beaches with serene beaches as well as by beaches that give opportunity to explore adventurous activities. Playa Zicatella possesses virtual magnetism for those who are expert surfers and enthusiastic enough to take up new challenges. And the Bahía Principal and Bahía Puerto Angelito are specially made for Sun devotees and families. This spot also offers delicious cuisines to the tourists.

Los Cerritos:

Located at Todos Santos, it possesses some of the finest Baja California’s surfing swells, which are very strong, but suitable for the amateurs too. If you want to relish tranquility, so move along the shores and view the scenic sight of Sun setting peacefully in the Pacific. While walking, you may get to sneak a peek at the sea turtles that lie over the beaches, all these scenario combine together to provide soothing feelings. Go soon so that you get to behold the authentic facet of nature or else rapid developments will facelift it.

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Playa de los Muertos:

Lying at Puerto Vallarta, this beach possesses a typical charm that makes it an ideal spot for visiting. Here, you will get to view Mariachis who roam around looking for business, kids grab fun by catching rides, and drummer groups unite to form circles under the scorching heat of the afternoon. Rest down over the warm beaches and keep your eyes wide open as you may get to gaze giant whales.

Mexico’s beaches


Renowned for being a celebrated tourists’ hideout, it is filled with cosmic ambiance sprawling over 2 km elongation of pale sand. It puts forth diverse spots for visiting and tasting scrumptious cuisines. However, be cautious of riptides and undertow as they can turn out to be nightmares. Relish fun and adventure in the beach waters of nearby San Agustinillo. You can indulge yourself in activities like body-boarding and swimming.

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Isla Mujeres:

This is a wide-ranging beach that comprises all the fun in itself that you can grab right from the enchanting Playa Norte to the energetic Playa Lancheros. This location is a retreat offering profuse opportunities like offshore snorkeling and diving for the fun loving people. Diving spots have names like Barracuda, La Bandera, Manchones and El Jigueo. They are all exhilarating and will stimulate you with abounding collection of coral and marine critter.

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