Ecotourism in Costa Rica: Where greenery prevails

Costa Rica doesn’t need any introduction, or any descriptions for what the wonderful and amazing place on earth it is. Its beauty is beyond the words of dictionary and like love cannot be defined and confined in some sentences, so is the beauty of Costa Rica.

Incredible, Amazing, Beautiful, on and on these words go on in for Costa Rica, and now to add on more beauty to this amazing destination Cost Rica presents to the world as one of the best destinations when its comes to Ecotourism.

Costa Rica’s more than a quarter lands have been set aside to protect it from the possible exploitations and the ravages from other humans. Costa Rica has shined with ecotourism as key to its economic development. Although Costa Rica is small country, which can be said as the size of the West Virginia, yet Costa Rica has incredibly rich biodiversity, beautiful beaches, lush and verdant rain forest, extraordinary volcanoes, and with exotic wildlife. The Costa Rica tourism industry brings about one million visitors per year and is generating an approximate of $1 billion per year, which makes tourism industry Costa Rica’s second largest in the source of income. There is no other country which even comes close to Costa Rica in ecotourism statistics in world. the statistics shows that more then twenty-seven percentage of Costa Rica’s land is been designated as either national parks, or biological reserve, or wildlife refuge or some or the other category of the protected areas, in both public and private.

Costa Rica has very wisely developed environmentally safe and worthwhile ecotourism industry, which allows it in protecting vast natural treasures as well as bringing economic prospects to in general disadvantaged people of rural areas.

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Amazing numbers defining Costa Rica’s ecology:

  • Flora and fauna: 500,000 to 1 million total species
  • Insects: million species
  • Orchids: 2,000 species
  • Mammals: 208 species
  • Birds: 850 species
  • Moths and butterflies: thousands of the species
  • Reptiles: 220 species
  • Amphibians: 163 Species

Variety of habitats:

  • Rain forest,
  • Dry forest,
  • Cloud forest
  • Oak forest
  • Mountains
  • Wetland,
  • Mangrove
  • Aquatic habitats

Think about it:

Cost Rica occupies space which is less than three ten-thousands of earth’s surface but host approximately 5 percent of its biodiversity that all the plants and animals species found on the planet.

Costa Rica seems to offer something for everyone:

  • Hiking in the rainforests and the mountains,
  • Relaxing and sun bathing on beaches,

Costa rica beach

  • Snorkeling experience in tropical reefs of Caribbean and Pacific coast

Costa rica Snorkeling

  • Surfing over the best waves of Central America,
  • Costa Rica is the natural wonderful land and has plenty of beaches of Caribbean coast and Pacific coast.

Costa Rica’s charm lies embodied in the forests, unpredictability of volcanoes, stunning endless shores and myriads of underwater marvels. If you haven’t been to Costa Rica, and walked on one of its forest trails, you can’t claim to be a traveler, for herein lays the essence of country, inner meaning of vibrant skeins of life woven between the enchanting shorelines and to covering the rugged mountain chains. You will feel in Costa Rica there is some miracle or magic prevailing that you can’t reach or hold it but there’s sense that there is something. Once To Costa Rica you’ll never really leave the feel of Costa Rica behind, no matter though wherever the body goes.

Ecotourism in Costa Rica prevails because now there is increasing number of people who have become environmental conscious travelers, who while traveling prefer ecotourism coz it is a combination of an exotic travel experiences and giving in self-satisfying concept of being environmentally and socially responsible.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I second the thought that Costa Rica is an amazing place to visit!

  2. Lui says:

    I have visited this place and it is the best place in the world if you are nature lover!

  3. Moore says:

    Its the place for eceryone! The person who loves to party will also feel like heaven after coming here.

  4. Noella says:

    After global warming we need such places everywhere to save our earth! Huge buildings and poisonous toxics are destroying it!

  5. Obi says:

    Such place do exist in this world? That is really shocking! By now people must have started planning to make a city out of it.

  6. Persie says:

    Truly said, this place doesn’t need any introduction! Costa Rica, the name itself is enough!

  7. Rambo says:

    Million species of Flaura and Fauna. This place is like the place in the movie Avatar!

  8. Solomen says:

    Perfect place for hiking, relaxing and enjoying to the fullest!

  9. Tyson says:

    Thanks a lot for this blog! I like this site a lot! It has solved my problem for the next trip!

  10. Ube says:

    Costa Rica is really very beautiful. You can get thousand and millions of different insects and species to party with and see what beautiful creatures god has created!

  11. Valentine says:

    This is an amazing place for geologists. They can get so many things worth their reseacrh and can spend a hell lot of time to examine new species.

  12. Wembley says:

    Such a destination ofcourse will generate huge amount of revenue from tourist

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