Most Definitely a YES to Dover Islands

Dover Island is better known to the locals as Nova Scotia’s playground of granite, and it’s a haven for adventure junkies. Hikers and those that love climbing rocks or even bird watching will absolutely love Dover to bits and the island is located just off of Halifax, which in itself is a town in the proper sense of the world. The panoramic views from the hill-top are plainly awe inspiring and enticing, leaving the traveler in absolute wonder of the virgin beauty of the Islands. Dover Island feels like a world wrapped in itself because it’s so removed from civilization that it makes you wonder larger questions. The seclusion from the city bustle is what stirs in pristine tranquility. The zig-zag boulders jutting out are like a green dagger aimed at the sky, and when the fog blankets it in its cottony clouds, it looks like a completely different place where direction is meaningless and life is a bit puzzling. A sudden isolation from the bustling inhabitancy may at first seem a little ‘where-am-i-in-the-world’, but just as the tone of this disbelief – the words are rather at absolute surprise of the bounty of nature as against the initial serenity that befuddles one in its fore.

Dover Island

Dover’s natural rocky nature means that it is much loved by adventure lovers and the annual occurrence of the BoulderFest makes Nova Scotia’s little island a festival of climbing, camping and just simply celebrating nature. Nature enthusiasts from all over the globe look forward to hitting the islands of the Dover for some amazing time just hiking, and camping in the woods. This lap of nature is lush in its entire splendor at any given time, and wraps the nature lover in sheer awe and beauty of the place. At most other times of the year, Dover Island is a picture of desolation, barely inhabited and home to in excess of 50 endangered species that you will hardly find anywhere else. An example of this is the Slender Blueflag Iris that inches its way across the jagged terrain and inhabits thorny patches and pools of water. It is a fortress of silence otherwise, devoid of other life and humanity and the presence of people sends the wildlife running since they aren’t used to human company.

Dover island Nova Scotia

Ferrets, gulls and mosquitoes larger than any you have ever seen will quickly swarm around and ask you millions of questions in unintelligible voices. This island clearly isn’t for the faint of heart, for few outside of West Dover have even heard of the place. Even on maps distinguishing the area, you will find that the little island is called Taylor’s Island. Therefore, the large species of varied insects which are to be found here can be a bit intimidating to the new guests. So, beware of the potential harm and prepare yourself duly well with mosquito repellents and proper shoes which will help you trail around better.

The roaring of the giant tides that constantly lash the shores are nature’s way of telling you not to land up at this little rock in the middle of the raging seas. It’s almost a defense mechanism and it is almost very convincing as arguments go, for Dover Island has its dangers.

Hurricanes lash the island (Hurrican Juan was here back in 2003, but there really wasn’t a lot to destroy). It just changed the landscape since the island saw rocks split off and washed away, gone into the briny depths of the sea forever. Dover has all of the danger that would logically tell you to stay away and never come near, but it has a rare beauty al of its own, right from the fact that I have to kayak all the way to it and get there to the fact that you will find exotic wildlife awaiting you, if not enthusiastically. Once here, the world is your oyster and you have a little slice of a primitive world almost entirely to yourself. There are no rules, no regulations other than that which you make for yourself and the views that are afforded (such as the stunning formation of the bay) is reward in itself to come here. All in all, a great spot to revel in the bounty of nature that will make your vacation a memorable one, for a long time to come. Do you really need a reason to roll around in the lap of a crazed Mother Nature?

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  1. Digg Sail says:

    My wife and I stayed at the Dover Beach Hotel, and having never been to Barbados before , and having driven the entire island now, we agree that we would not be anywhere else on this island but here..I am not keen on big ‘International’..This one is a locally owned and run hotel and it shows and how? The people are great, the staff is friendly and always at your service..We had a n ocean view room and it was really worth getting. The beach leads from the hotel terrace and is really beautiful..Proper recliners and brollys are available on the Dover Beach..It is worth hiring a car and driving around the local drivers are not aggressive and EVERYTIME we stopped to check the map, someone asked if we needed directions..It was definitely the people who made our holiday so MEMORABLE literally.I am already planning another trip here on Dover Island!

  2. Sally Smith says:

    Even if you like to sleep in very much, I’d recommend you to go to the beach and catch the early morning breeze..

    Watch the waves and gather the courage to go in and jump with them..

    Enjoy the soft white sand that extends far into the sea with no stones to disturb your feet..

    The sun will be warm but won’t burn you till its 9 head for breakfast at Coco’s..

    Its a lovely roofed open-air restaurant..

  3. Siva Samuel says:

    I am a typical foodie and care mostly about food wherever I go!

    I was at Coco’s for breakfast and loved the Caesar Salad with a lot of blackened shrimps especially!

    For lunch Cevichi is an amazing mix of seafood in Lemon sauce,served cold,from Coco’s talented cook..or try the grilled fish of the day..!

    The bajans are the most friendly people out in the world and most of them are here on the Dover Island!
    They’ll love to tell you stories about Barbados and also like to hear stories from you about your opinions on Barbados!

    So be prepared to have a great fulfilling tie of your life if you head towards Barbados and especially Dover islands!

  4. Tub D'Silva says:

    15;00 is the perfect time to retur to the beach..The sun will not burn you down..It will be of healthy intensity to keep you warm with a little sunscreen required to be put on..Also, between 17;00 to 18;00 the slow and beautiful sunset is not a sight to miss!

    If you want to stay put, the easiest option is to return again to Coco’s and try their excellent curry and finish off with breadfruit cake..!
    In case you want to spend the minimum amount of energy after dinner, you should sit on the hotel’s big beautiful stone deck which is just next to the sea.It would be a great idea to whip out your laptop and write emails about your adventures to your friends as wireless internet is free here!

  5. Truce Whitter says:

    A weekly special on Dover island is the cocktail reception where you can sample some rum punch and try out food too!
    This island is definitely one of the most beautiful and entertaining islands with the friendliest people of all the islands that I have been to!

  6. Angie Williams says:

    Thanks for the great post!
    Keep posting :-)

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