Discovering the land of Mauritius

Mauritius is known to be one of the most remarkable tourist destinations to visit in the Southeastern part of the world. Being the land of the most amazing beaches and the great landscape and the oceanfront, this place is known to be one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world.

Mauritius tourism

Mauritius attracts tourists from all round the world. There are a number of activities and tourist places where you can head in for and these places are considered to be simply the best one. There are a number of sandy beaches and lagoons which are popular places to hang around here.

Port Louis is known to be the administrative and the financial capital of Mauritius. This place is located on the North West part of the Island. This port is said to be the only financial port in Mauritius. This place is a major tourist destination and tourists love going in for ferry rides and swimming, para sailing, para gliding, jet skiing, and surfing in the nearby beaches. Not only is the city famous for its amazing beaches but also for the ancient museums and buildings located in the place. There are some museums in the place which houses some of the remarkable architecture and art and paintings of the past ages. This place has some remarkable restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas, duty- free shops, craft shops, and a casino. Other than this, there is a mosque here which is quite famous in the area, and cathedrals, temples and pagodas. This place is simply the most happening place to visit in Mauritius and also one of the very best in the area.

Port Louis paragliding

Curepipe is known to be one of the most amazing place to visit in Mauritius. This town has a European name and the climate here is mostly cold and wet. The most amazing and the interesting feature about this place is the volcano here, which is known as the Trou aux Cerfs. The crater is 85 meters deep and 200 meters wide and the most amazing view can be obtained from the Central Plateau here. Other interesting place to visit in this region is the Botanical Garden and the colonial houses in the area. The Municipal Hall here is a destination of great tourist interest.

Trou aux Cerfs

The Rose Hill and the Beau Basin is an amazing place to visit. There are a number of shopping arcades in the area and the market place here is quite interesting. The most remarkable feature of this place is the Le Plaza, which is the theatre here. This theatre has witnessed the making and the featuring of several well known plays in the region. Another place of great tourist interest is the Max Boulle which is the art gallery here. The Balfour Garden is one of the most amazing places to visit in Rose Hill. There are some varied collections of plants and flowers here.

Max Boulle

Quatre Bornes is another place which is of great tourist interest. This place is known for its unique and distinctive shopping destination. There are great pieces of fabric which is sold here and the flea markets are the main tourist destination here.

Quatre Bornes

These are some of the remarkable places which you can visit in Mauritius. These are some of the well known tourist destinations in Mauritius and tourists from all over the world, come to visit this place.

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