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HSBC TreeTop Walk:

The HSBC Tree Top Walk affords a promising panoramic view of the encompassing tropical rainforests. This 800 long foot walkway offers comfy walk rendering lots of open spaces. From the top, it feels extraordinary and gives a feeling of being on the top of the world, when you are relishing the heights which affords you spectacular and scenic views. Over the top, instead of getting scared of the heights, one relishes the vistas of the forest canopy, the blue skies; grandeur of tall trees opening their arms in the open environment, the laurel green bushes reclining beneath you gives an exciting feeling.

This certainly reminds of the roller coaster ride that at once takes to the highs and suddenly takes to a great fall downwards. This elevated suspended walkway offers only one outlet i.e. the trail leads to the other sides which ends at the small valley. And the most significant caveat hangs at the beginning of the entrance gate which recommends that people with heart problems do not enter. Catch this enthralling experience while your tour to Singapore.

Another Side of Singapore:

Around two centuries back, Singapore’s land was totally unexplored tropical rainforest. Today, the Central Catchment Nature Reserve is enriched with vast wilderness that reflects the authentic lush greenness of the heydays. Often travelers who make a visit in this land are in search of contemporary satisfactions like branded shopping, native cuisines or hawkers’ food, traditions and cultural fests, also good English bookstores. But this place has to offer lovely backdrops of natural environment and more close insights of bio-diversity. For the tourists who are in the lookout of exposing wondrous nature should come here because this place possesses every charm that can content their thirsts.

Walk Slower – See More:

Singapore AsiaThe Mac Ritchie is literally an enchanting retreat for enthusiastic tourists as this land offers gigantic inimitable tropical rainforest and sights of biodiversity. Touring in this land will encounter you with startling amusements like translucent pink mushrooms, fuzzy rainbow caterpillars, brown colored dragonflies that resembles sticks, eerier spider webs and curvy roots and vines. So walk slowly so that you can behold optimum unusual sights.

While walking on the dirty tracks, you will come across wooden passage; these have been built to shield the vulnerable primary forest land from causing any damage. Also, this land has maintained stringent rules and regulations to prevent any unwanted harm against the pets or garbage, and for persist them, rangers have been deployed systematically. Keep your eyes wide open while your visit as you might have a surprising tryst with unusual creatures as it happened with me. While I was passing by a shady tree, I caught the sight of half meter lizard.

My Place in the Natural World:

This land is a land of secret surprises that can pop up at any point of time, while my visit I was thrilled by sudden Tree Top Walknearby passage of hordes. Yet it didn’t dispirit me, instead I think it worked as energy-booster, which would make me more conscious that could eventually help me to note the scenic beauty as well the rare creatures coming to my way. By the end of this location, started precipitation which added more fuelled more exhilaration in me and also granting more magnificence and vividness to its beauty. Also, it contented the forest’s wilderness and delighted the city people by filling the Mac Ritchie Reservoir.

Make sure to give a hit to this destination once because it will bestow the once in a lifetime experience.

Note: Take snacks and water with yourself because the park doesn’t render any amenities. From the main park entrance, it is almost five kilometers to reach the TreeTop Walk. For a shorter route to the canopy, take Bus 167 from the YMCA and disembark on Upper Thomson Road, Stop B-11. Walk in from the Venus Drive car park, about 45 minutes from the TreeTop Walk. More information is available at the National Parks Board.

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