Discovering Fascinating Sights Of Mongolia – Part I

Integrate a blend of massive lush scenery of Gobi, snow-clad mountains of Bayan-Olgi, spectacular ravines, shimmering lakes of Khovsgol, dotted with numerous immigrants, and eagle in the background. To all this, add Buddhist shrines, bizarre remnants, plethora of wildlife, rich historical background and an ever-smiling and welcoming hospitality. Over all this, topple a subjugator who started with nothing and ended up with vast coffers of treasures and deviated the path of history.

mongolia factsIf all this descriptions are persistently craving in your mind to gaze the unspoiled country, then you should tour in New Mongolia. Sprinkle over them, internet cafes in Ulaanbaatar, herders chatting on mobile phones, Manhattan style eco-yurts and vegetarian cafes. The Humvees plying on Peace Ave perhaps might provoke jealousy to Chinggis Khan. Past breaking the cuffs of communalism, Mongolia has executed every possible activity to open up to the entire world; also it has been quite successful in its attempts without even tainting its purity. Its diversity in culture and wildlife lies intact and unharmed by the outside forces. Even after all this, Mongolia has managed to reach to the West for cultural and economic ties. And the startling fact which will certainly strike you is most people holding degrees from reputed universities from USA, Europe and Australia. It is a common sight there.

Buddhist shrinesBesides Japan and South Korea, Mongolia is one of the legitimate democracies in entire Asia. Everything has got a systematic look, there are fair and free elections, constant marching on the streets which have compelled the government to amend the policies right from mining to bus fares. In some way or other, democracy has helped in imbibing confidence amidst foreign investors to stick with Mongolia during the hard times. Luring investment policies have enticed big people from the mining sectors from allover the world, to enter this country. In spite of all this flourishing activity, Mongolia still remains to be one of the poorest countries in Asia and endures hard knocks in social and economic sectors. The salaries provided to them are less than US $100 per month.

naadam festivalSome of the key characteristics of the country include thriving tourism, mining and cashmere. Poor infrastructure and short traveling season have kicked on its face, however the thriving network of camps serve the travelers who are in a lookout for exploring eco-tourism adventures. Mongolia is an idyllic destination with no fences or private property restricting tourist’s movement for exploring adventurous activities. One can freely meander in Mongolia and indulge in adventurous retreats comprising of horse trekking, long-distance cycling or hiking, or soothing activities like yak carting or leisurely camping under the star draped skies.

UlaanbaatarTourist attractions include Naadam, the two-day summer sports festival which tempts huge masses of tourists ultimately bringing Ulaanbaatar to a halt. However, Mongolia’s antique charm lies in its hamlets, where tourists can completely relax themselves from the outside disturbances. Outside the villages, one can clearly sight the unrelenting hospitality of nomad families which at times fells short of welcoming.

Today’s Mongolia is efficient enough, it is sure to stand at the top position in terms of young, vibrant and educated populace. It marks itself as up-coming country of Asia. Its development growth is at a healthy 7.5% rate per year, for this thanks to China’s quenchless thirst for Mongolia’s raw materials. Despite of these blooming developments, Mongolia sits at critical point because if the prospering country continues to walk on the path of corruption, it will eventually end up at a point where few are rich and the rest are left behind. All these debasing acts will eat up its foundation, leaving the country back undeveloped and overall potential unutilized.

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