Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary Attractions and travel guide

Situated in the beautiful state of Karnataka in India, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary comes with the best wildlife experience and offers the most to the person coming here with a lot of adventure in mind. Around 485kms from Bangalore, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is a great haven for all wildlife enthusiasts and can be reached from Goa which is around 125 kms from here and from Hubli which is 75 km away from this place. Karwar is more than 93 kms from Dandeli and thus the sanctuary is the fulcrum of many regions around and is a great spot to visit.

With the most serene and calm settings, this wildlife sanctuary is a great habitat for most of the rare animals and birds that remain here protected and untouched by the vagaries of tourist travels. This is an unexplored treasure in Karnataka and the richness and the diaspora of species here ensure that your experience would be enriched with fulfilling memories. The cornucopia of flora and fauna here coupled with the magnificence of the terrain is another reason why a tourist is left gasping with delight. The mesmerizing valleys, the majestically steep slopes, the rich forest area all make sure the wildlife lover gets the best travel experience. The semi evergreen forests and the deciduous vegetation make up the greenery here and these small pockets of verdant expanse give the look of a green paradise to this place and Dandeli indeed is a wonderful place to be in if you are planning a wildlife viewing holiday.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Spanning over 834 square kilometres, the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is also the second largest in the state of Karnataka and is in sync with the Mahaveer sanctuary in Goa. With the gushing streams and the beautiful swaying action of the bamboo trees, the idyllic surroundings make this a perfect trekking zone. There are so many from nearby towns who come here for a weekend getaway. The River Kali with the Rivers Nagajhari and Kaneri flow through the sanctuary and give it the required natural look. With the sanctuary housing the spotted and mouse deer, the barking deer, the panther, sloth bear, gaur, tiger , civet cat, wild dog, elephant, jackal, bison, giant flying squirrel, langur and a plethora of reptiles and birds. This amalgamation of the flora and the fauna and the presence of amphibians like the frogs and the ruffles, make a visit to this paradise cherishable.


Then there is the beautiful ride on the coracle which is a circular boat. This is a boat with bamboo weavings and is lined with the skin of the buffalo. As you go down this coracle on the River Kali you would love to bask in the glory of this slow glide down the watery stretch and enjoy the hornbills which nest on the tall trees on the banks of the river. Also view the darters drying their feathers on the pieces of dead wood that float on the river. Get enthralled by the sight of the egrets flying at sunset and seep in the beauty that it creates with the black silhouette of these birds over an orange sky.

Go to see the monolithic granite structure around 35km from this sanctuary and get hypnotized seeing these structures. Lying in the middle of thick verdant vegetation, the River Kaneri adds to the beauty by gurgling down this region. This is a popular spot for trekking and fishing.

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