Cristo de La Concordia: Revering Jesus at a height

Prominently regarded as the Christ of Peace, Cristo de la Concordia refers to a towering statue on the apex of the San Pedro Hill in Bolivia’s Cochabamba city, which is the third largest town in the state. In South America, this steel-and-cement effigy is the highest as well as the tallest carving of Christ. However, it is also likely to own the superlative degrees in the whole world. While seeing this, you might recall Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) in Rio. However, Although the Bolivia one is a little taller although is lesser known. In addition, in comparison, the locals are of the opinion that this one is more adorable because of the face exhibiting more human characteristics and that his hands here appear as if the lord is ready for the friendly hug.

Both Cristo de la Concordia as well as Cristo Redentor carvings are as tall as over 33 m. This number as great significance in the sense that each meter symbolizes each corresponding year of Jesus’ life on the planet. Exactly revealing, the height of Christ of Peace is 34.2 m as the builders believed that Jesus lived a bit more over 33 years. Today, Cristo de la Concordia stands on a podium giving a boost to its full height to reach 40.44 m. In addition, this Bolivian statue is fairly new as compared to its counterpart in Rio, which was erected from 1987 to 1994.

How to reach

Cristo de la Concordia is perched on a 265 m tall hill that looks over the Cochobamba city that is already at an elevation of 2575 m from the sea level. So, reaching to the base of the statue is no child’s play for which you need to climb the stairs that are a total of 1,399 in number.

It is obvious that while climbing many visitors have experienced altitude sickness featuring heavy headache, giddiness, and breath shortness. Therefore, I recommend acclimatizing to avoid that unhealthy distraction – meaning climb up by taking short breaks and rest. And yes, just spend some time at the top below the feet of our beloved Lord! And the result is miraculous – no altitude sickness at all! However, climbing is the option only for the energetics. So, the rest of them are recommended to catch a cable car (teleferico) from the end of Heroinas Avenue – a sweatless as well as safer way that will only cost 3 BOB that is not even 50 US cents. This way is also recommended because the route of steps that takes one atop from the base of the mountain is somewhat risky as many robberies have been witnessed, especially if you go around and after the time of sunset. So, take this as a tip, avoid going at sunset and in dark. If you come on Sunday, grab the opportunity to ascend until the top of the statue and soak in the better vista of the city.

Irrespective of how reach on the peak, you are bound to be gifted by the magnificent vistas of the city along the towering statue of Jesus whose right hand is in the North and left is in the South. As the lord faces the lower valley zone, you will also get a chance to spot the peak of Tunari (4,800 m) as well as the Cochabamba peak – highest twin peaks here. On the hill, there is no restaurant or coffee shop making many to descend down quickly.


Monday: Closed

Tues-Sat: 10 am to 7 pm

Sun: 9 am to 8 pm


  • Cable car: Bs3 per way
  • Cable car round-trip: US$0.80
  • Taxi round-trip (with 30 minutes halt): US$4.50
  • Sunday climb: US$0.20

Closest transport

Micro LL from the Heroinas’ corner.

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