Experience Pure Life at Costa Rica

Enjoy and appreciate life’s simple delights in the tiny Central American Country – Costa Rica. It has something for everyone. Whether you are a beach run, surf net, nature enthusiast, or just the one who wants escape from the maiden crowd and chill out, Costa Rica is calling you for a perfect vacation like no other. No wonders that you enjoy scintillating natural view as the country shelters a 6% of the existing biological diversity of the entire World. Extending majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, one can witness a wide variation in the landscape and appreciate every bit of it.

San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, and Limón – the seven territorial provinces all together offer an attractive tourist destination with unlimited capabilities to explore like beaches , natural reserves, theme parks, mountain cliffs, the clear blue turquoise waters; everything is at your disposal. As we say, one stop shop; Costa Rica is a one stop Paradise for everyone and a must watch travel destination.

San Jose

You will find flora and fauna everywhere you go. You might feel as if they are chasing you. Vibrant and diverse still one, each part of this country has its unique microclimate, so get soaked away in its beauty. This country was called the happiest place on earth by  for its most content people according to the Happy Planet Index (HPI). The Oxcart- the national symbol of traditional Costa Rican transport device and the yoke are both in Sarchi, a community recognized as the birthplace of Costa Rican arts and crafts and is amust see for every tourist visiting Costa Rica. Catch a Glimpse of Costa Rica’s indigenous past at the Guayabo National Monument.

Costa Rica’s little Amazonas  – The Tortuguero National Park, is one of the most important places in the World for protecting the green turtle and also home to incredible species such as the manatee, the Gaspar fish, the Great blue Heron, the Northern Jacana. But Tortuguero has much more to offer. The food, dances and traditional heritage are the best in this part of the country. The sight of smoke plumes rolling out of the imposing Arenal Volcano leaves you mesmerized. You will surely enjoy many things at one pace and still each has its own charm and beauty to appreciate. Don’t miss to take the Canopy tour where you can explore the richness of the forest bio diversity.

Tortuguero National Park

The sound of howler monkey claiming his control over the place, the chattering of the red lored parrots, the sound of the waves crashing into the white sandy beaches is what you will be hearing all through your stay. It seems that the Mother Nature has blessed this tiny country with pristine jungles, rich foliage and marvelous wildlife. A beach run, as I amm, enjoy sunbathing on the beautiful beaches of Cahuita, Drake bay and Pavonbes. You can explore your adventurer side by going surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sport fishing in Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Playa Ocotal and Playa Negra. Venture out for party on the exotic Southern Caribbean Coast in places like Puerto Viejo and Cahuita.

Puerto Viejo

Visitors keep flocking in Guanacaste for incredible birdwatching, amazing horseback riding, wonderful mountain lake windsurfing, terrific hiking adventure and enjoy some breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. With more emphasis on eco tourism worldwide, this country has truly emerged on the forefront promising ecological vacation hotspots of the World.

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  1. Rosie Thomas says:

    My Sincere Thanks are to the Costa Rica people..The Toro river trip was just amazing!I have been to Costa Rica many times and my friends agreed that the Costa Rica team of River rafting is really professional and well trained to take care of the first timers..The Toro had a ton of rapids and the rafting team exceeded my expectations in taking care of our experience to make it more than just rafting..It was A COMPLETE AND UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE..!

  2. Norah Jefferson says:

    We too had a great time rafting down the river..Our local guide was of real help to us..We were picked up from the hotel and stopped to take photos of iguanas and then was the amazing rafting experience we had!At the end they had an ice cold beer ready while they packed up..They brought us to a restaurant where we had a great meal, and it was included in the price!!

    We were looking for a trip down the river and got that and much more..It was definitely WORTHWHILE!

    If you are not going that way, I’d recommend you to turn directions and head for a fun-filled and complete trip of river rafting in Costa Rica!

    Bon Voyage!

  3. Jackie Rutherson says:

    I had some lovely pineapple and watermelon in between of my river rafting trip..Must say in Costa

  4. Jackie Rutherson says:

    I had some lovely pineapple and watermelon in between of my river rafting trip..Must say in Costa Rica the river rafting trip was ONE-OF-A-KIND experience..!!We rafted down river Balsa,it was the best white water rafting I’ve done in a while..We had a great guide and the staff was excellent too!

    The lunch was awesome after rafting and we had some beers too..!The pictures are somewhat expensive but the white water rafting is definitely worth it!

  5. Suzzie Smith says:

    Costa Rica people are just awesome..! Our local guide stopped on the road to show us sloths, we stopped on the road to see Pineapple trees because my friend didn’t believe they actually grew at zero level!They stopped near the river to show us frogs..The tour itself is beautiful and so much fun..Our entire family was in it and loved it! I would definitely redo it!

  6. Walter Louis says:

    I went on a Rio Toro trip with my family and my seven year old said ‘AWESOME’!
    We made a few stops along the way to watch Iguanas and sloths and the watermelon plantations! The Rio Toro trip was full of emotions and was fun!
    I sincerely wish to thank Costa Rica people and our local guide for taking such good care of us…

  7. Andre says:

    Thanks fro the post and sharing some really useful information about Costa Rica! :-)

  8. Andre says:

    Thanks for the post and sharing some really useful information about Costa Rica! :-)

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