Costa Rica Rainforests: Ecologically Sensitive Or Jeopardize

Come visit in the lap of authentic natural charm in the form of Costa Rica rainforests. With its all-embracing bio-diversity, it has conserved its exuberant vegetation in the extensive rainforests. It preserves eye-popping flora and fauna comprising of over 12000 varied species of plants, 1239 species of butterflies, 838 species of birds, 440 species of reptiles, 232 species of mammals. It has an unparalleled collection of the most wonderful natural creations. It is just not the generosity of God that they are blessed with, but also they have initiated in a “natural conservation program” where they have shouldered the moral obligation of preserving the nature carefully that God has entrusted in their hands.

This country surely serves as an ideal for those who have purposely closed their eyes for their own expedience. It has secured sprawling 40 miles of lush green rain-forests by maintaining nine ecological zones. Other rain-forests which are enriched with extensive biological features are maintained as ecologically- sensitive areas and visiting those places is completely restricted. Eco-tourism has actually served as an occupation to the indigenous populace. The Government has backed its obligation of protecting the natural environments through a project wherein it surges incentives of $ 50 annually to the people who protect per hectare of forest land.

There is not just one project for ecological conservation. Other than the above project there is an initiative taken under the tag of FUNDECOR which means “Forest Project of the Foundation for the Development of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range.” The motto of this Forest Management Program is to preserve 13000 hectares forest. This not only helps in conserving the serenity of forests but also lets the inhabitants to capitalize and earn their daily bread and butter. This feature of ecological conservation entices tourists to visit the impeccant location on Earth as well this place offers good welcoming features when it comes to tourists safety and good parks system.

But this country grabs the limelight not just for all the positive reasons, the waves of criticism has also taken it into its clutches because of some controversial issues like the construction of hotels in the eco-sensitive regions. Also, sometimes the excessive restrictions imposed on visiting the parks at some point of time, does the pestering job. And the other major reason that spoils the goody-goody image is deforestation.

Costa Rica rainforests

The analysis shows that past in the time of 1990’s, this region had worst track record because of plunging number of trees. It is believed that once this region was possessing dense forests of 99% and in today’s date there exists only 35% of forests. These figures are denoted by the FAO’s State of the World’s Forests (FAO’s Forest Resources Assessment. Also, this region had heaps of coffee and bananas which did not contribute for the good for the region, but on the contrary proved to be a bad phenomenon because these natural resources were harvested and all this lead to the devastation of the forests.

Also extensive part of rainforest was burned between the 1970’s and 1980’s for cattle lands which added to the misery. There are many other difficulties that this region has to bear like illegal timber harvesting, agricultural activities and cattle grazing. This area is also hit by corruption.

Also, the tag of eco-tourism destination invites a lot of tourists and the authorities try to cash up from them rather than doing their job of protecting the environment. Even, the recent government has not performing their job upto the mark; instead of protecting the environment they are using park funds.

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  1. Wendy Protti says:

    I think that is not correct for anyone to talk about other countrie’s culture or goverments , specially if dont live here. I am Costarican, I live in Costa Rica, and yes we have budget problems to protect our forest, however we are doing what we can, the best we can and nobody has to tell us how to take care of OUR country.

  2. cashman says:

    great information thank you

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