Jazzy City of Johannesburg

Come to the fun-filled land of Johannesburg and unravel great adventure and activities that this vivacious city has in store for the traveler and alike. The great throbbing city of the safari land of South Africa calls one and all to ‘Jozi’ as the place is famously referred to as. Or simply, call it the all-so cool Jo’burg invites the outdoor enthusiast who also like the trot the urban way, and certainly Johannesburg has everything to offer.

In the contemporary period, the city is viewed drenched in a myriad of hues having something unique for all. Notoriously known in the past for possessing a darker image, the media portrayals have more or less infused a not very favorable image of the city in the past. But, gradually with conquering over the gruesome reality, the government strives to make the place tourist friendly, and with measured and constant efforts, the city certainly is turning into a hot spot of urban adventure coupled with the spectacular wilderness of the natural lands of South Africa, and also the amazing safari sprees keeping the visitors astonished.

City of Johannesburg

Johannesburg has a multitude of sites, great museums and structures that are true only to this exotic location and unparalleled with any other place.

Some of the great places in Johannesburg and around to look forward to include:

The Apartheid Museum:

The Apartheid Museum is one of the greatest museums in the city of Johannesburg that documents the rise and fall of the Apartheid. The bias in treatment towards the black  and the exemplary efforts and revolution led by Nelson Mandela for years together that finally brought about a positive change is what is exhibited in the Apartheid Museum. With the exhibit material organized and contributed by film-makers, some seasoned historians, a team of curators and even leading designers. This team of great force ideated the concept and layout of the museum which is spread over an area ranging upto seven hectare. A perfect South African tribute, this museum portrays the true patriotic vibe attached along with.

Apartheid Museum

The Constitution Hill:

The Constitution Hill is a truly remarkable place to experience what all South Africa had to go through, and most importantly the undying faith and hope which resisted despite conditions adverse and truly unfavorable for any faith the sustain. The famous and intriguing Public Participation Programme called We the People features inviting the old slaves and conducts workshops that research about the past. There are visuals, audio and personal stories playing out of different prisoners and the time they have spent here. The exhibition is truly gripping and leaves the spectator empathic and makes the whole deal very realistic by the unique and sensitive way of projection and demonstration of the past conditions.

Constitution Hill

The Johannesburg Art Gallery:

The Johannesburg Art Gallery carries exhibits by some of the cult artists including Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Gabriel Rossetti, Dante, Rodin, Camille Pissarro, Henry Moore and also Edgar Degas. The Johannesburg Art Gallery is situated at a prime location, right in the middle of the commercial area of the city.

The way this building has been done up in the most exquisite manner, courtesy the man Edward Lutyens who has contributed to this great design.

The Johannesburg Art Gallery also just features great works of the seventeenth century including Dutch works of great paintings and also works of awe-inspiring artists like Monet and Pablo Picasso. Featuring along the line, are antique exhibits, some great sculptures, beautiful drawings, great prints and lace patches. A perfect spectacle of the South African traditions, the works include Alexis, Preller, Maud, Sydney Kumalo, Ezrom Legae, Gerard Sketo and more.

Johannesburg Art Gallery

Museum Africa:

The Museum Africa, Johannesburg is another feather in the cap of South Africa as being one of the most spectacular museums present in the city.

Situated in close proximity with the Market Theatre Complex in the area of Bree Street, the Museum Africa boasts a great looking building, being one of the other architectural delights the city has to offer, in the Bree Street vicinity.

Certainly a museum that cannot be compared with any other place of exhibition throughout the world, the people coming to visit the place, and those who have in the past can truly understand the splendor of this place. It features a very unique style of exhibits.

The Museum Africa, Johannesburg has a varied collection and is driven around the cultural legacy of Africa, focusing on the mighty historic past, archaeological facts and the languages that together contribute to great art. The paintings are made by local artists as well as the collection represents an Impressionist form and the Pre-Raphaelite works.

From the huge exhibits, there are displays of the trial sessions of many slaves and all those who had been a part of the movement including the portrayal of Albert Luthuli, Walter Sisulu, Nelson, Nelson Mandela and many more. Their detailed biographies have been presented in the most touching manner.

Museum Africa

Newton in Johannesburg:

The Newton, Johannesburg is situated more in the interiors of the city and depicts the rediscovery of the place.

The area of Newton can be said to be a rather larger area that is in between the rail tracks on the northern end and in the south the highway of M2. While on the east and the west lie the West Street and Quinn Street.

Newtown is a fairly large area that lies sandwiched between the railway lines to the north, the M2 highway in the south and bounded in the east and west by West Street and Quinn Street respectively.

The theater comprises three theatres and two leading art galleries and Saturdays’ are marked by a peculiar flea market. Being the cultural hub of Johannesburg, one can expect a lot from this place.

SAB World of Beer, Johannesburg:

A perfect place to have the greatest beers, the place opened over ten years ago. The place is certainly a great place of attraction for both locals and the tourists snarling into the city.

SAB World of Beer

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