Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary Travel Attractions in Kerala

While you are in Kerala, you should do what Mother Nature wants you to. Yes, this is the right way to travel across God’s own Country where nature rules the roost and we as tourists are but pawns in the hands of the bountiful natural surroundings here. As the trees beckon us to enjoy the entire ambience wouldn’t you want to get lost in the surroundings of the best kind of verdant expanse and get ensconced in the right kind of scenic splendour?

This and more is possible if you happen to visit the Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary which is located in the Thrissur and Palakkad districts of Kerala in South India. The entire forest area spans around 500 hectares and is the most favoured sanctuary in this part of Kerala due to the vast collection of peacocks that so form the main feature here. More than 200 peacocks live here and this along with the diverse avifauna and the innumerable butterflies make this a perfect haven for all nature lovers. So while you bask in the glory of the tall swaying palms, also enjoy the beauty of being amidst the greenest regions and the most fascinating habitat.

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary

One can reach Choolanur by road, rail or air. The nearest station is the Palakkad station in Kerala. The Coimbatore International Airport in Tamil Nadu is the nearest airport. Buses are available to Choolanur from Palakkad. This sanctuary has been renames as Kunchan Smritivanam in memory of the famed Kerala poet Kunchan Nambiyara. It was at Killikkurissimangalam that Kunchan Nambiyar was born and Killikkurissimangalam is near Choolanur.

A sojourn to this lovely land of peacocks is not going to be with its own thrills, adventure and excitement. So get ready for a perfectly exciting wildlife experience as you go to Choolanur. Immerse yourself in the pristine surroundings and let the whole ambience seep through into your heart, mind and soul making it a memorable travel experience for you.

Choolanur Sanctuary provides shelter to more than 100 species of avifauna and more varieties of other beautiful living things. So bird watchers find it pleasurable to come here and enjoy the pleasures of being here in style. Explore the entire area and enjoy the blessings of Mother Nature here. Any tourist coming to this part of Kerala should make it a point to visit this paradise of peacocks just after the rainy season gets over. For this is when the butterflies come here in full flow and the peacocks let their plumes down to the utter fascination of the onlookers. A good camera would capture your travel here forever.


This sanctuary is also a great medicinal hub. There are a great many trees and plants here which are of medicinal value and give great relief to normal health disorders.

The beauty of the Choolanur sanctuary is that it is covered with dense forests. Peacocks thrive in spacious expanses of greenery so dense forests are not particularly their forte. The sanctuary incidentally ahs been declared a national sanctuary for peafowls. The Peafowl Sanctuary has been dedicated to Sri.K. K. Neelakanthan. He was a great ornithologist in the state of Kerala and he also wrote a book called the ‘Keralithile Pakshikal” which means the Birds of Kerala. This author belonged to Kavassery a place near Choolanur.

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary provides ultimate travel pleasures for all bird lovers and all those interested in ornithology. One who comes to Choolanur should also visit the Kuzhal Mannam which is a memorial for the great Carnatic singer Chembai.

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