Choco-licious Countries

For those people who cannot get enough of chocolates we bring you few countries who worship chocolates! These countries make some good and delicious chocolates using traditional way.

Mexican chocolate1) On our list, number one is Mexico! The capital of city of Mexico, Oaxaca, still holds the record of having five point five pounds of chocolates on average per year! The long forgotten traditional way of making chocolates is still followed here. The Mexican just loves chocolates and it’s not just famous in solid form but used as beverages too. They call it ‘drink of god’. Here you will find many chocolate factories, mainly at Calle Mina. You can also visit these factories and watch them make it. Don’t miss the chance to taste and see how it’s made in factories! If you want to have variety of chocolate then don’t miss out visiting Abastos Market which have artisan chocolate stalls and another place is Chocolate Mayordomo. These two offer some delicious chocolate to satisfy your soul!

2) Still if your soul isn’t satisfied with Mexican chocolate, then visit to Belgium! It is called home of fine chocolates! Belgium tops high in the world for producing chocolates. If you are a chocoholic then you must be familiar with know Neuhaus, Leonidas, Corne Port Royal, and Godiva – all Belgium chocolate-making institutions.

The most famous type of chocolate is the Belgian praline which has a chocolate layer covering a soft centre. The Wittamer Caféchocolate also has a story that the ambassador of the Louis XIII, Duke of Plessis-Pralin, orders to make a sweet treat in order to divert the rebels of Bordelaise. The chef makes a delicacy of chocolate shell, filled with cream and some nut paste. From that day on wards the sweet treat got its name has Belgian Praline. Have you ever have heard about museum of chocolates! You won’t get to eat but sure know the history of its origin in Belgium. There are four chocolate museums that’s in Brussels, Hale, Eupen, and Bruges. To taste country’s mouth-watering chocolate go to Wittamer Café which is hundred years old and family owned business in Sablon district of Brussels.

3) On our list third is Boston! Boston celebrates the Chocolate trail every year at the Langham Hotel. Last year they celebrated in which city’s diverse neighborhoods participated and created a wonderland of chocolates. Each year well known chefs makes something exotic and different with the chocolates!

4) Caribbean island of St Lucia each year organizes Cocoa Festival. This year you can participate in this festival which is held on December 10 to 12, 2010. So pack your bags and indulge in pre-Christmas fever by going at the Jade Mountain Estate Cocoa Festival.

The history of cocoa is very old which dates back to early seventeen century when first time cocoa trees were discovered on the Anse Mamin and Emerald estate. For years, they have been harvesting and exporting cocoa. The Chocolate hotelfestival is very memorable event for chocoholics, as you will get to eat many chocolate made dishes and like canapés and ices chocolate chai.

5) If mentioned any places didn’t impressed or tempted you then hotel at Bournemouth might hold your attention. The hotel is at resort on the English Channel, fully themed on chocolate. The hotel is owned by Gerry Wilton whose hotel is the first chocolate themed hotel. The hotel has many activities to indulge in like making a self-portrait in dark, white and milk chocolate, stay in chocolate colors rooms with chocolate photos hanging on the wall, and even you can learn to make Belgian truffles in one of the Gerry’s Chocolate workshops. The hotels also offer chocolate fountains and get a hold of handmade chocolate cocktail. Chocolate tasting session is unique session of knowing which wine goes with which type of chocolate. It is inspired by the famous Belgian chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud whose chocolates are made to eat with wines.

6) Italian Chocolate Festival, Perugia

It’s the most known festival in whole Italy. The festival is always held October and locally known as Eurochocolate festival. The festival is all about cooking, display, tasting and merriment of all chocolaty things.

Except for the chocolate fest, Perugia has much beautiful architecture such as the splendid Piazza Quattro Novembre and its Great Fountain, and the chic shopping street, Corso Vannucci.Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

7) Cocoa delicacies, Sicily

If you have got bored eating same dark chocolate, or white chocolate and you need something different then go to Noto. The golden city of late Sicilian is famous for local chocolates which is made up of only cocoa, sugar and spices.

You should also try the Gremolade with wild strawberries or almond from Ciaceri ice-cream shop, or buy it from the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto.

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  1. Tissot says:

    it would b like dream land for me. just chocolate factories around me woooo feels tht i shuld forget everythng nw and buy a ticket to taste their traditional made chocolates. simply amazing

  2. Sydney says:

    i surely agree to the fact tht belgium makes one of the best chocolate. i would go for belgium dark chocolate.

  3. Tracy says:

    would surely lke to have a look on thse phts or b present them when they create an art by chocolate. sounds so different serously so v can do anythng if v hv creative ideas in us.

  4. Joby says:

    I’ve never imagined that chocolate can also be worshipped like God in some parts of the world.

  5. Keane says:

    I’ve never heard of chocolates from Caribbean islands or Bournemouth or Sicily. They might be one of the best places for chocolates and I would love to go there and enjoy their taste of chocolate.

  6. Lara says:

    Belgian chocolates are known to be the best in the world! They are delicious.

  7. Maria says:

    Other than These chocolates, what about Swiss? They are the giant! Of course Belgium and Swiss shares the same spot!

  8. Natalie says:

    My mouth is totally watery now! Need to eat all the chocolates in the refrigerator

  9. Obi says:

    I bet no 1 will be able to control themselves after reading this article!! Its so choco-licious! :)

  10. Pearl says:

    Countries only of chocolates and chocolate factories! Just imagine how sweet they would be!

  11. Rio says:

    Each and every country should be like chocolate only. Sweet and bitter combination of both!

  12. Shane says:

    I’m just thinking how lucky the children will be living in all these countries! They must be getting chocolates every now and then.

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