Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala

Kerala is a perfect example of how flora and fauna can exist together and bring about the ideal location for all tourists and all nature lovers. Kerala is home to many sanctuaries and national parks as there is no dearth of greenery here.
The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is one such example of a green paradise. Situated on the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats this is a hub of a variety of flora and fauna and is a great locale for wildlife enthusiasts.

The flora here includes the very unique dry thorn forests and also the deciduous kind of vegetation that is very typical here. Then of course you have the grasslands and the riparian types with the rugged rocks and cliffs which form a major landscape here. Then the small hillocks and the stretches of plains make a perfect living place for all the microhabitats.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

One also finds a great reptilian population in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala which stores the endangered species like the Albizia Lathamii. The dry forests in the sanctuary lend more beauty and the tourist gets lost in this maze of medicinal plants and riverine forests. With the best population of the Grizzled Giant Squirrel, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala surely is a must see for all wildlife enthusiasts.

Grizzled Giant Squirrel

Housing more than 225 varieties of birds, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary also has the white bison of Manjampatti. With the most fascinating avian diversity, Chinnar surely forms a great conservation zone.

So come to this part of India, in the eastern part of the High Western Ghats Ranges in the state of Kerala in India and experience the beauty of the floral, ecological, geomorphological hub in this part of the world.

With Kochi and Coimbatore as the cities nearby, the airports also lie in these cities thus making this sanctuary easily accessible by air. The nearest town here is Marayur and the other tourists locales nearby include Munnar and Udumalpet.

With the undulating terrain and the lovely scenery here, the tourists are sure to find this magnificently enthralling ambience a perfect holiday experience. Chinnar has a plethora of deciduous forests, shoals, grasslands and the best species of flowering plants. For those who love ecologically based activities have many tours that are organized here by the Forest Department. The Ecodevelopment Committee also help the tourists to enjoy the ecologically inclined events. So get the best wilderness opportunities here in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala and just let your travel juices flow here.

There are facilities for river trekking which the tourists really enjoy here. So the mesmerizing scenery and the enthralling sights are a great attraction to all those who visit this part of Kerala.

Then you have the trekking trails to the dolmens or the cultural site. All hiking and trekking lovers surely would find this a total paradise of outdoor activities.

Go to the watch tower and enjoy the nature trail up this path. It is interesting to enjoy the ambience here and understand the various facets of nature.

The Thoovanam Falls is another major attraction here.

Watch tower at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Thoovanam Falls at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit the Interpretation activities and the medicinal Garden that are found here and get a know how of the local flora.

There is a tree house here at Chinnar which is a great attraction for all tourists. Enjoy the machans at Kottar, Champakkad and Karakkad.

With great adventure and thrill and a lot of pleasant natural experiences, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala comes as a great holiday package.

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