Cherishing The Moments In New Zealand – Part I

New Zealand is a cherishing destination with a dashing start that turns the entire day wonderful. Starting the day with ‘Aotearoa’ which is small, isolated and sparsely populated, it presents awesome scenic views, has some great festivals, and offers scrumptious delicacies and wine. Outdoor experiences in New Zealand just grants a fantasy land feeling. Also, the conventional and intoxicating Maori culture is inspiring and leaves one mesmerized. New Zealand is a land that completely recognizes its innate populace and sees to their needs and desires, the world that settles here is a better place to live with mild, affection and respect. While the fan following developed after the Lord of the Rings trio is diminishing, still the charm of bizarre New Zealand seems to be alive passionately.

The year 2007 experienced an inundation of nearly 2.2 million tourists, who wandered, viewed, dined in the country. The escalating level was tremendous as it saw a rise of almost 40% from a comparatively low 1.6 million in the year 1999. But all these didn’t actually prove to be beneficial as the country’s renowned characteristics lost its charm because of surge of large number of tourists. Popular for its sensitive conservation of the eco-system and perseverance of cleanliness, all this got infected because of the wilderness passion of the tourists who just do not take care while dealing with nature.


The horizon above the Franz Josef Glacier hums with repetitive air flights, tourists cleanse down under the brooks and little negligence by its inhabitants developed because the tourists’ large crowds has worked negatively and spoiled New Zealand’s scenic beauty. Therefore to put an end to all this exploitation, Department of Conservation (DOC) imposed a booking system in its Great Walks. There are nine tracks amidst which few of them are Milford Track, Abel Tasman Coast Track and Routeburn Track. Virtual advantages of this implementation are that it will lessen overcrowding and the most significant that it will lessen the destruction triggered over the environment.

Routeburn Track

The New Zealand Tourism Sector is thriving apparently what is visible to us now, shows that they are endeavoring efforts for the benefit of ecological system. The eateries, locals, farmers sell local produced stuff which hints towards a sustainable model. However, the professional environmentalist’s views contradict the above point as they enter into a moot point that the industry and government are not moving fast enough to serve environment. And the drought and climate change accelerate their allegations.

Moving towards the country’s art forms, its live music is exhilarating which comprises of various music forms like dub, hip-hop, rock and reggae. However, its radio remains to be abysmal. Culturally, debate takes a kick-off between two sections of the society i.e. pro and anti arts lobbies. One section sees it with complete disgust as if they would destroy an art gallery if found open and another sees it as a symbol of cultural celebration for community and tourism. If you would turn towards me for my views, I would support it as it manifests the country’s culture and perspective and is an essential aspect that holds charm to allure the tourists.

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