Cherishing The Moments During Best New Zealand Tours – Part II

New Zealand’s fervent passion is rugby, and they have captured the historical and victorious track of rugby over 74%. However, the appreciated team of ‘All Blacks’ lost the shining glory of winning the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France. All Blacks have been the burning sensations in the year 2007, but toppled under constant quarter-final pressure from the French team. Mistakes, wrong decision-making and atrocious umpiring together combined and lead to a 20-18 defeat. All the nation’s inhabitants were thunderstruck and just wept over the streets. Media’s appalling acts i.e. character assailments led to extensive sackings. The kiwis got distressed after this shameful loss. After this embarrassing shame, the team has geared up its socks with great determination to restore the prestige back to its land in 2011.

Under the rule of Prime Minister Helen Clark’s leadership, the country maintained its pacifist, anti-nuclear policy and retained the possession of New Zealand’s troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, the country is treading firmly on the affluent track as it possesses thriving art forms and the domestic front continues to be cheerful. Even, unemployment has not been pestering issue to anyone. The ongoing effect of a 2006 minimum wage rise has led to a pricking increase in the goods and services cost. Travelers have been enduring the swelling prices of accommodation, food and transportation costs which means New Zealand is far from being a budget destination.

Auckland new zealand

New Zealand’s real estate prosperity persists to win the hearts of sellers and irks the buyers because of the escalating rates. However, elevating house prices have stabilized with the elevating interest rates, but the wages seem to be lowering in these rising trends. Because of this, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington have tracked in the world’s most expensive cities in terms of housing affordability in relation to income.

Wellington New Zealand

Other issues which are mounting kiwi’s irritating charts are fixed-net fishing which is posing a threat for the lives of dolphins, exasperating treaty settlements and didymo a.k.a. ‘rock snot’ influx in rivers and lakes. You won’t get anyone fighting on petrol prices…

Now you have come to know the contemporary New Zealand concisely, but believe me excursion in New Zealand will mark its memories in your heart and stay cherished for a lifetime. Get out of your hustling fast pacer lives and enter this world-class location where you will come across beautiful locations, chick lifestyle and top-notch cuisines, wine and beer. And the most alluring eye-candy of New Zealand is its natural ambiance which is a peerless, magnificent and perfect beauty. The scenic view of this landscape is mesmerizing; don’t forget to capture this photogenic beauty.

Cherishing The Moments In New Zealand – Part I

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