World’s Most Miraculous Sites To Sight: Caves and Grottos

Caves were the shelter and accommodation in the ancient ages when the technical and advance tools were not found. The time cycle never stops for anyone and gets rotated all the time. The housing has now converted into the sight seeing and the places of wandering for the ancient ages have become the natural wonders for our age. But surely, it is a pleasure of life to see such memorable and wonderful scenes of the world and also the stunning facts which are making the world more out of the ordinary. Come, let’s make our lives out of the ordinary and offer fun to our eyes.

Here are the top visited caves and grottos of the world.

Hamilton Pool

When the nature would be in the mood of making artistic scenery, the nature must have created the wonderful and amazing natural pool of Hamilton. This is one of the grotto which is located near Texas and it is said the after the crumple of one of the dome of an underground river, this pool has been born in this world. The 45 ft waterfall is one of the pleasures of live for the viewers.



Škocjan Caves

Skocjan Caves are said to be the largest Canyon of the world in the hidden deep underground earth. This wonder of the world is located at Slovenia. The nature has proved with this sight that why she enjoys supremacy of human technology. This caves are placed along with the Grand Canyon and the Galapagos Islands. It is one of the lifetime memories to feel the chill of these caves.


By StrudelMonkey



Underground Pools in Škocjan Caves. By Hannu Salama

Patagonia’s Glacier Caves

“Awesome” could be the only world which pops out by seeing the Patagonia’s Glacier Caves. This miraculous cave is sited at the south of Argentina, in the state of Patagonia near the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. There are multiple glaciers which are making the place a pure heavenly destination. These Glaciers are quite rare in the world and are found only at New Zealand, Alaska, Norway and Iceland.


Ice Cave, Glacier Grey. By Tom Holub


By fylin

Lehman Caves

If you are wishing to have a trip to paradise with this human body, you just have to visit the Great Basin National Park in Nevada, USA. This place is having many of the mysterious and historical limestone structures. These Lehman Caves were founded by Absalom Lehman in 1885.



Batu Caves

Malaysia is full of beaches and natural wonders but your tour to this nation is absolutely incomplete without visiting the Batu Caves which are positioned at just 13 km from the Malaysian Capital of Kuala Lumpur. This place could also be said the “mines of Hindu Temples”. These caves are having the history of 400 million years old. The Cathedral Cave which is located at 100 m high level in the open vault is the greatest attraction of these holy caves.



By ccdoh1

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Nature has blessed with four hands in New Zealand. In any of the natural aspects, this country is having exclusive wealth. There are many of the magnetic destinations in this country which are pulling and attracting the tourists. One of such millstone is Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Many of the animals have taken shelter at this world class glittering cave and these animals are called Arachnocampa luminosa.


Reed Flute Cave

China is the country which is having these eye-catchy and gorgeous Caves. These caves are found in Guilin City and are known as Reed Flute Caves. The nature has blessed this place with stunning structures and sculptures. The s stalactites, stalagmites and even the pillar designs are available in multitude shapes, sizes and colors. These pillars throw multi-color lighting with their unique color combination.


Crystal Lake, Reed Flute Cave. By Cheddarcheez


By Proggie

Hang Sung Sot

The Hang Sung Sot which is also known as the Caves of Surprises can be visited in Halong Bay, Vietnam. The caves were found in 1901 and are having loads of stalactite and stalagmites. This is the place which can make the most mesmerizing view of the world.




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