Cave Pleasures at Mogalarajapuram

India is a lovely amalgamation of ancient culture and beautiful modern tourism. So any tourist coming here to this beautiful land would surely be interested to know the story of this land and the related ancient tales of this country.

The Mogalarajapuram Caves are one such lovely travel sight in this heavenly land of pleasurable tours. Located around 5 km to the east of the city these caves are a great place to be in in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Dating back to the time of rock cut sanctuaries, these caves provide the greatest visual delight and it is sad that only one cave is in good condition. The Mogalarajapuram temple has a statue depicting the Ardhanarishwar which is said to the earlier art form here in South India and is certainly one of its kind. There is an overhanging cornice in one of the caves and it also has artificial windows. The deities of Vinayaka and Nataraja are depicted well here and they are well maintained and in good condition. The other idols are all worn out and have a lot of archaeological importance too.

Situated in the centre of the city of Vijaywada, these caves have ben excavated in the 5th century AD. There are beautiful idols found here and there are three cave temples belonging to the 5th century. But the Ardhanareeshwar idol is definitely a rare find and the only one of its kind found here. These cave temples go back to the time of the 5th century and are a great sight. The Ardhanareeshwar fresco is found here and is said to be an exclusive one in the southern part of India. There other deities are Lord Vinayaka and Lord Nataraja.

Cave Pleasures

These have been testimony to the way history has evolved here and has stood the test of time. These have been carved into a hill and around 10 feet in height. Many locals living in and around find it an interesting place and they come here for short tours and outings. There are great numbers of carvings found here and the sculptures and interesting carvings are all a great feast for the tourist’s eye. Built on a small village today it has become a part of the Vijaywada region and what was originally covered with many hills is today a structure of great value. These caves were five in number and were embalmed with a green ambience. The cave is attributed to the Visnukundins belonging to the 500AD there is also an amalgamation of Vaisnavism and Shaivism cults. Today these caves are best known for their architectural elegance and sculpted beauties. It showcases the way the artisans of yore have contributed a great deal to their country and how their efforts have paid off so well.

These caves are found very near the Kasturibhaipet area of this place. The VINS hospital lies very near the cave. All local transports like buses, auto rickshaw and buses are accessible here and are the best ways of commuting too.

Caves form the mainstay of pleasures in India and the Mogalarajapuram caves surely are a feast for the eyes.

India with its immensely fascinating sights and most mesmerizing locales is surely the land to be in if you are searching for pleasure. Come here and experience the feeling of being in a totally different land filled with tradition and culture. The Mogalarajapuram Caves are only such examples which have got themselves etched in the minds of the tourist. Travels to this part of the world are thus a great experience.

Mogalarajapuram Caves attractions

Come and visit the Mogalarajapuram caves and go back with enchanting memories.

The Mogalarajapuram Caves in Andhra Pradesh are a great visual treat for those who love to see nature closely.

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