Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town

Francis Drake, the navigator and the famous pirate once said about Cape Town, “A most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the globe”.  Cape Town enjoys a perfect setting with Table Mountain at its backdrop. Enjoying the status of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town preserves its rich cultural heritage and well matches the modern high rise office blocks. Everywhere you stroll in this city you will find fine Dutch architecture all around. The Edwardian and Victorian buildings give an edge to the cosmopolitan ambience of the city.

Table Mountain

The Atlantic Seaboard is incredibly beautiful. A long drive along the beautiful coastline will be the most memorable time of your life. The sunset views are just amazing. The Atlantic Seaboard also provides access to some of the finest beaches where you would enjoy scenic views and unspoilt stretches of sand. Sandy white beaches can also be seen in Blaauwberg where you would enjoy magnificent views of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak. Here the kite surfers would find ultimate enjoyment as the winds would help them soar high in the sky. The shopping malls, restaurants, bars add another jewel to this beautiful place.

Atlantic Seaboard

Long before the wrist watches were invented, the locals of this area used the Noon Gun to get a time check. As it takes around three seconds for the sound to get to you so add three seconds whenever you hear a shot fired from the cannon which was moved to Signal Hill. You will love hiking the Table Mountain and once you reach the top, a panoramic and breathtaking view of the entire city is promised which would leave you enchanted. Want to take a ride to the space, hey I am not going to take you in a space flight, but yes at the Cape Town Planetarium you would be able to see the stars much closer to you with the help of the powerful telescopes installed.

Hiking Table Mountain

For enjoying more of the beach activity and white sand beaches come to the False Bay. Do not go by the name as truly this place would take you by surprise. You can enjoy affordable shopping right here in Cape Town. You would get everything right from hand crafted jewellery to precious diamonds, stones, designer label clothing and everything. But if you still want to go slow on expanding, you can enjoy shopping at the street side for getting the gifts and the souvenirs.

Cape Winelands is an absolute rocking region where you would find the ultimate wines. Th ewine estates of the Constantine Valley would again leave you in awe and surprise. There are various award winning farms in the Wineland through which you can enjoy a long stroll.

Cape Winelands

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  1. Freddie Austen says:

    On my visit to Cape Town South Africa, I visited the Castle of good hope..On reaching there, we were given a small map of the place, with precise description of the place. There are mainly three places to visit here at Castle of good hope. The castle military museum, the William Fehr collection and the Dolphin pool. The castle military museum had got fairly good displays of British arms, there were also interesting series of dioramas of the Boer wars! There is a gift shop, an information area and a small restaurant in the vicinity.

  2. Gilbert Sanders says:

    Castle of good hope is a great place to visit for those are into military rule of the British in South Africa..It has many mementos of the Boer’s war which is a recorded event in military history..Some interesting places to see here in Cape town are the Table mountains, Fairy Glen game farm, which is an authentic Safari ride around cape Town..You’ll get to see South Africa’s animals in the most natural surroundings.

  3. Orson Monroe says:

    I had been to Cape town South Africa a few months back and would like to share my experience with you there..Cape of good hope is a great place to be and to get to know about the history of British rule in SA.
    My wife and I really liked the Table Mountain there, as they gave us awesome views of Cape Town form the top. We sat in the cable car ride and headed towards the top of the mountain. Its a rotating cable car so that everyone is able to get an overall good view of Cape Town form the top. The views were mind-blowing. Little, soft late spring clouds were floating slightly above us and the view of the coastline too were amazing! A visit to Cape Town would be incomplete without a visit to the tble mountains..

  4. James Keller says:

    We, my wife and I, had gone to Cape Town a few weeks back and let me tell you, hiking the Table mountain isn’t for the faint-hearted..Once we reached the top, we took snacks at a suitably located restaurant..We didn’t even think of taking the trek down, and quietly took the cable car..We had done a bit of restaurant research before we left Australia and La Colombe seemed to be the best restaurant here. We opted for the seven-course meal, the food and the presentation were the best! An extraordinary savoury and sensory experience, not to be missed while in Cape Town

  5. Helen Camus says:

    Our trip to the Cape Town covered the Table mountains, Castle of Good Hope and the authentic Safari ride.On our last night in Cape Town,my husband and I had dinner at The Opal Lounge, and it was the most beautiful and magical experience..The location of the place itself is really amazing and makes you feel as if something special is in store for you! We had starters, main course and desserts..We spent a good three hours here..Every bite felt like it had been sent from heaven’s kitchen and the dessert was so good, never have a tasted a more awesome chocolate brownie..We really enjoyed our stay at Cape Town :-)

  6. Zarah Donne says:

    During our stay at Cape Town, I tried out many restaurants, I am a huge foodie and love trying out new restaurants..My experience at Jardine was something I want to share-
    Among thousands of meals in upper-hand restaurants, Jardine served me the best meal I’ve ever had! The concluding exquisite Expresso Souffle flambe, made the meal like no other in the world!

  7. Philip Kafka says:

    If you want to sample African delicacies amidst soulful drumming and dancing in Cape Town, you must go without fail to Gold restaurant. It was my birthday that day, and the dancers asked the birthday boy to join them in dancing! It was a fabulous experience for both me and my family! The samosas with chutney, creme fraiche dip, honey and chilli prawns, corn bread baked in individual clay pots.Fresh fruit and dessert all were just awesome..Gold restaurant is really an intimate and nice place to be to.The courtyard too is great for a snack and drink during daytime. Nice place to eat out in Cape Town.

  8. Albert Wilde says:

    Nice post on the places to visit in Cape Town!

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