Cameroon, Africa In Miniature

If a list of locations would have to be prepared for the tourist attractions in Africa, then Cameroon would definitely top it. This exotic destination sits at the crossroads of West and Central Africa, which actually poses a tough situation as its neighborhood countries are disputing. But this shouldn’t stoop you down as the activities it proffers are just extraordinary and above all problematic issues. Cameroon is the most culturally diverse countries on the entire continent and it offers everything that would attract the tourists. The tourist literatures describe this country as “Africa in Miniature” as it displays every major thing like climate and vegetation of the African continent ranging from coast, desert, savanna and rainforests.

Its inhabitants consist of old tribal kingdoms, forest residing pygmies and Muslim pastoralists. Its landscape is as staggering as its diversity. It is a treasure of indigenous cultures. Tourists will surely flabbergast by its all-embracing cultural element. Mt. Cameroon is the highest peak in the West Africa and entices loads of tourists for trekking. Then there is a still-active volcano which blasts straight from the sea in a breath-taking manner. To its north, are the lush green landscapes of the Ring Road region. Meanwhile, the Mandara Mountains are again an irony with dry and rocky, with off-the-track hamlets augmenting out with great vigorousness. Some of Africa’s ancient rainforests encompass all these wonders.

Mount Cameroon

Rainforest Korup is believed to be the oldest and also the most bio-diverse. In addition, Cameroon’s numerous rainforests extend east and south in the Congo basin. One can indulge in an adventurous retreat with all these natural offerings. The Parc National de Waza is the premier spot which houses profuse flora and fauna, mammal and birdlife, and tourists can spot large herds of elephants, during the dry season at water holes. If all these don’t spur you, then move to the quaint palm-edged beaches. There, you will also get varied options for cuisines which will certainly boost the tourists. Enjoy the food with some native makossa music and you will make whoopee.


Tourist attractions

True nature-enthusiasts will get a retreat in this scenic location. They will fall in love with this adventurous and bio-diverse terrain.

Ring Road

Mount Cameroon:

Get ready and wear your hiking boots to climb West Africa’s highest peak. This tallest peak rises mainly from the coast through tropical rainforests to the highs of windy and frosty cold. Although, being placed so close to the sea, it can seldom be seen from the coast as clouds accumulate to its lower slopes. And also, Debuncha which is located at its southwest corner is considered to be the second wettest location in the world.

Mandara Mountains


Kribi, one of the most rocking popular beach resorts also serves as a hideout for government ministers and expats. But be cautious before you go for diving in the beach waters, as the ocean waters can have strong currents and rip tides. Check local conditions prior.

Parc National De Waza

Ring Road:

Discover the scenic landscapes and picture perfect hamlets near Bamenda.

Mandara Mountains:

Move in the isolated landscapes and explore trails from village to village.

Parc National De Waza:

Peek-a-boo the largest herds of elephants at the water holes at the one of the region’s premier national parks.

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