Calling all Festivals in Jammu Kashmir

So you are right in the land of snow – Jammu Kashmir. You know how to enjoy yourselves here. The fact that you are here is proof to that. With the snow around and the pristine surroundings wouldn’t you love to know about the festivals here so that you can actually participate in one of them?

Jammu Kashmir

Let us know what are the major festivals celebrated in Jammu Kashmir.

Well starting from the year beginning, Lohri marks the beginning of all festivals in the year. This heralds the beginning of the spring season and is known by the name of Makar Sankranti too. The whole place looks very festive and people rejoice and celebrate during this time.

Lohri festival

Then you have the Havan Yagna when many people come together and take a dip in the holy rivers. With every house and temple in the state lit up to signify prosperity, Jammu Kashmir celebrates this occasion with a lot of boys asking for gifts from the people who are recently married and also form people who have new borns. This is a custom followed here.

Then you have the Chajja which is danced during Lohri. This scene of all boys along with their Chajjas decorated with a lot of fritters and flowers dancing on the streets gives a special look to the festival. The drumbeats add to the verve and energy.

Baisakhi festival

Baisakhi is a very important festival here and the day falls on the first month of the Vikram Calendar. ON this day the people of Jammu Kashmir celebrate the harvest and the prosperity. A very auspicious festival it is generally celebrated by taking a dip in the rivers, ponds, canals or streams. People also go to the Nagbani temple to see the lovely celebrations for New Year. On this occasion, people also organize a lot of fairs, and it is lovely to see thousands of people coming in to see the colorful Bhangra dance of Punjab. The Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi as the birthday of their tenth guru Guru Gobind Singhji. It is the day when the Khalsa sect was formed in the year 1699. All the Gurudwaras during Baisakhi are filled with a lot of kirtans, celebrations and prayers besides the traditional langar which is anal important offering to God.

The next festival that is prevalent here is the Chaitre Chaudash which is a great festival in Uttar Behni which lies around 25km from Jammu. Uttar Behni is so named after the River Devak which is known as Gupt Ganga. This flows in the northern direction so it is known as the Uttar Behni.

The Purmandal Mela is celebrated in Purmandal which is around 39 kms from the Jammu Kashmir city. On the day of Shivrathri the whole town looks very festive and the festival is celebrated in memory of the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. All the people in Jammu and Kashmir come with their colorful costumes and celebrate this festival at Peer Khoh, the Panjbhaktar temple and the Ranbireshwar temple.

Visit Jammu Kashmir and feel the difference of culture and tradition which evokes a lot of energy enthusiasm and verve.

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