Buddhist Wonders – The tour package of Buddhism

India the land of festivals and temples – the land where you can really enjoy pilgrimage at its best, is the ideal place where you can enjoy the experience to the maximum. This is the land where culture and heritage is at its best and this is the land where you will see a kaleidoscope of traditions and beliefs. This cultural diversity in unison is the best way you can enjoy the beautiful land of India.

While in India the various types of religion are what makes the entire tour of India seems worthwhile. Come to the land of diverse religion and be at the footsteps of Lord Buddha. This is where you will have a chance to go back on the path to absolute salvation. This is the enlightenment that Buddha attained and which you will find here. The total journey starts from Taj Mahal, and ends at the lovely locales of the Lumbini gardens. This is where the great Lord Buddha was born.

Taj Mahal

The whole tour starts at Delhi where the guests are often taken in and are received with a lot of warmth and enthusiasm. They are escorted by the tour representatives and the tourists would really feel comfortable. They then go on a sightseeing tour of the capital of India. Both Old Delhi and New Delhi, where you can get to see Chandni Chowk, Raj Ghat, India Gate and Jama Masjid. The entire beauty and grandeur of the city can be experienced in this lovely tour. Then you can go to Agra by train the next morning.

Raj Ghat India Gate Jama Masjid

When you are in the land of the love monument then you are in the perfect ambience of passion, trust and love. Then there are many tourists who go to Varanasi by a chartered flight. While in Varanasi they get to see the beautiful area of Sarnath where the historical Sarnath Pillar lies. Buddhist Museums and Buddhist relics form a part of the Buddhist tour in North India. Tour packages in North India thus involve a lot of religious and social interactions.

The next in the line of the tour package is the boat cruise on the holy River Ganges. Then there is a road travel to Bodhgaya which is again a great Buddhist site. This pilgrim centre is certainly a great Buddhist tour. Then the tour package takes you to Patna and you would visit places like Nalanda and Rajgir on the way.

A Buddhist tour package without a visit to Kushinagar is unthinkable of. Then of course the land of Vaishali, all Buddha’s lands are a major portion of the package.

Lying Buddha at Kushinagar

Then the next day you would go to the birthplace of the Great Buddha – Lumbini. This is located on the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. Here the tour package takes you to Balrampur which is where the tourists get to see the Maharaja of Balrampur and the tribals in the village nearby. Then you can go to Lucknow and go back to Delhi thus completing the Buddhist tour package in North India.

Indirectly this kind of tour package takes you to enlightenment and you are certainly going to love this experience.

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