Buddha statues: Five tallest ones

When Gautam Buddha was alive, he had enamored the world with his unique compassion towards the human beings and his incredible state of enlightenment. And this even continues today in form of the great Buddha statues that pulls people of all castes from across the world. In fact, the territory of the Southeast Asia is adorned with astonishing Buddha sculpture showing different Buddhas. These Buddhas are now one of the top attractions in this part of the globe. Some of these Buddha statues are simple, while a few of them shine well. Irrespective of where you are a Buddhist or not, these Buddhas will continue to fascinate you on your trip to the Southeast Asia. So, this time when you plan to visit this part of the Earth, do take a tour of these tallest Buddhas on Earth all of which are in China, Myanmar, and Japan. Here are the chronologically listed five such tallest Buddhas.

1. Spring Temple Buddha

On this Earth, do take some time to marvel at the tallest statue rising proudly in the Lushan County of the Henan province in China. This Buddha sculpture is in the Zhaocun town that is of 128 m in height and boasts a weight of 1000 tonnes. China. The statue is of the Vairocana Buddha that is built from the bronze metal. You must be wondering as to why it is named so. Well, the reason behind this is the Tianrui hot spring that flows nearby.

2. Laykyun Setkyar

This Buddha sculpture ranks second in the list of the tallest Buddhas on the planet. This yellow-robed statue adorns the land of the Khatakan Taung hamlet in Monywa that is situated in the Sagaing district of Myanmar. You can reach the town of Monywa that is exactly in between the Chindwin Valley by traveling from for 136 km from Mandalay in the northwest. The statue rises until 116 meters and to build this giant Buddha, the construction began in 1996 and was only over in early 2008. This is certainly the latest attraction here.

3. Ushiku Daibutsu

It goes without saying that this Buddha sculpture is third in the list of the tallest Buddhas in the world. Nestled in Ushiku that is of the Japanese Ibaraki district, the Daibutsu is commonly known as the Ushiku Arcadia and was made completely in 1995. Rising up to 120 meters on the 10 m high lotus podium as well as the base, this is the statue that is more captivating due to an elevator within that leads one to 85 m off the ground to be at a great observation floor. Plated with bronze, this is the statue of the Amitabha Buddha.

4. Guanyin Statue

Also known as the Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya, this fourth tallest sculpture is the main attraction of the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone that is located on the south coast of Hainan province in China. Emerging up to 108 meters, this is a shimmering white statue on a golden lotus base that itself is on a tapering base. This Buddha has three sides of which one is looking towards the island, while the remaining two look at the South China Sea. Enshrined in 2005, the construction took six years and the inauguration ceremony was concentrated by around 108 renowned monks who belonged to the different Buddhist groups in Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. What was even more notable was the presence of thousands of pilgrims as well as the monk delegations of the Vajrayana and Theravada beliefs.

5. Grand Buddha at Ling Shan

This is the fifth of the Buddha statues that is the tallest and is in the south of the Longshan Mountain in the Jiangsu prefecture. Accessible easily from the Mashan town of Wuxi in China, this statue is the top tourist draw. Made from bronze, it soars up to 88 meters and was made in 1996. If you are here, then also do explore the legendary Xiangfu Temple that is just close by. The most interesting fact of this temple is that it is 1000 year old temple of Buddha.

These Buddha statues are really awesome and the secret is that they have the capacity to instill peace and tranquility from within. Check them out!

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