Bondi Beach: Paradise for beach fans

Nestled at a distance of 7 km from Sydney, the Bondi suburb is well known for its globally famous Bondi Beach. Regarded as the dreamland of any beach lover, this glorious beach is 1 km long and 100 m wide in south forming the widest beach in the great city of Sydney. The name ‘Bondi’ means the sound of the breaking surf, which is actually an Aboriginal term given to this attractive beach. It somewhat makes sense to name the beach with an Aboriginal word as in the north; you can spot a few Aboriginal Rock carvings at Ben Buckler.

When I was here on my trip, I enjoyed exploring its myriad of highlights. I first visited its Marine Discovery Centre at Bondi Pavilion Queen Elizabeth Drive. This is the hub of the Bondi marine life and that the major attraction here is the awesome vista of the genuine baby sharks within a big covert aquarium. Then, I relaxed at the Mckenzies Bay in Tamarama, which soon became my beloved beach due to its deep blue and lucid waters. Here also, you can spot some Aboriginal Rock carvings.

Nestled at 75a Gould Street, the Billabong Store is among the representative surf brands of Australia. This is where you can shop for the fashionable items as well as accessories including surf boards, watches, and skateboarding kit. The Bondi Beach surf is one of the top activities here and so the items of this shop facilitate to make you exhibit your surfing talent successfully. At the southern tip, you will find the amazing Bondi Baths that are over 100 years.

Want to experience unforgettable Scuba Diving? Well, then take yourself to one of the elite diving sites off the Ben Buckler point and at the North Bondi Beach. Love surfing? If yes, join the Private 1.5 Hour Surfing Lesson at surfing school irrespective of whether you are afraid of the smallest Bondi Beach surf. The lessons are held at the Ramsgate Avenue and North Bondi near Speedo Cafe. This time do challenge the Bondi Beach surf with the built-in skills!

Bondi Beach is also the place of ultimate rejuvenation due to its therapies and meditation sessions. Experience the Bowen Therapy to move your energy in the body for being stress free while you are fully clothed. Why to miss this rare chance of activating all 365 energy points? With stress if you are witnessing an emotional balance, then try out the Healing Reiki to experience the ultimate bliss. Further, you can also consult here for solving any of the life issues. Lastly, feel the power of meditation in a one-to-one private session done via creative visualization for awakening your inner strengths.

The Nicks Bondi Beach Pavilion is very famous among the tourists as it is packed with surf-lifesavers, elegant restaurant, and cooling sea breezes. For some of the best views of the ocean, take yourself to the Cream Tangerine that also offers split level decking and it extends up to the Beach Road. I simply loved the Italian dinner at the North Bondi Italian managed by the celebrated chef Robert Marchetti. Accommodating 120 people, it also offers an open-air dining. Do taste pasta, antipasti, carpaccio, panini, and frutti di mare in its modern décor. And yes, no advance booking is required.

Want to have some pizzas too? Then, Pompei at 126 – 130 Roscoe Street is the best place where exotic pizzas are served along with home-made pasta and gelato. For some tasty pancakes, Joe & Willys Depot in the north are recommended in Paddo. Not only this, you can also enjoy the spectacular view of the beach and the town. For some more great views of the Harbor Bridge, the Pacific, and the beach; go to the superb 9-hole golf course in north.

Nestled at the Campbell Parade’s and Hall Street’s corner, Ravesis Drift in a legendary edifice is a must visit highlight because of its informal opulence offering a boutique lodge as well as a restaurant with modern regional dishes. This is the site where true Bondi vibes are felt.

There is no dearth of the hotels in Bondi beach. You can find all kinds of stay options here. One of the recommended hotels in Bondi Beach is Bondi Hotel. You can also try the Swizz Grand Hotel. If you do not want to go for the hotels in Bondi Beach, then go for the Bondi Beach Guest House.

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