Blend Of Rich Culture And History, Benin

If you are on a lookout for an exceptional location in West Africa that should a treasure of fun, culture and history, then Benin should not be missed out. Hailing from a rich legendary background, Benin is distinctly club-shaped country and lies on the western fringes of Nigeria. Once this country was seen with tremendous amount of respect and formidable fear as it was reputed to be strongest Empires in Africa- the Dahomey Kingdom. Tourists can catch sights of the esteemed ancient Dahomeyan’s Palaces and temples in Abomey, where the remnants have been preserved. Visit to Ouidah is heartrending and acquaints of the treasures accumulation which came from slave trade. Slaves were constrained to move to Brazil and Caribbean through the Route d’Esclaves path in Ouidah, moving from here onwards was there last walk on their own African land.

Museums of Porto Novo i.e. Benin’s lagoon-side capital and Benin are still engrossed in studying the consequential Afro-Brazilian society and culture. Meanwhile Cotonou is urban Africa weaponed completely with its perky nightlife and chic shopping to charm its tourists. These are few features that enthrall the tourists; however the startling fact is that Cotonou is the urban city raised up to the rim with rickety structures and disturbing pollution.

Porto Novo
Despite of all its pseudo-activities, Dahomeyan is flattered in the Musée Historique d’Abomey. However, tourists can enjoy in Benin’s sandy and palm-fringed beaches. Its distinct home-grown religion, Voodoo is said to taken its first breath in its national land itself. Also, this religion was traversed by its slaves; however it was blurred out by the influence of Hollywood. Being the national religion- Voodoo gains prominence and has become a part and parcel of the routine life. One can conspicuously see the bizarre signs of the religion, for instance in the Fetish market place where one will find every animal’s skin and head, they would have ever thought of.

Noteworthy places include Pendjari, which is considered to be the best in West Africa as it houses diverse wildlife comprising of elephants, lions and crocodiles. The country’s other visible eye-sights include the stilt villages which are home to thousands in the Southern lagoons and the Northern Somba which are fortlike mud huts that are constructed by the insular Somba inhabitants. Benin has many facades to it; it is enriched with cultural and ancient history. The political face is very stabilized in the whole of West Africa which makes it an easy location to be in.

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Perched on human skulls, Ghezo’s Throne remains to be a ancient remnant of the dreadful Dahomey regime. For exploring its terrain and religious symbols, walk in the streets of Fetish Market where you can shop Voodoo signs like monkey testicles and bat wings. Also, walk over the Stilt villages with thousands of inhabitants who commute ona daily basis for their jobs 2m above Lake Nokoue. In the Malanville Market, see the nomadic merchandisers that enter the town in the humid north of the country.

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Places in Benin


This city serves as an economic capital, however being here is too unpleasant and it feels like somebody has locked in a car around a frazzling atmosphere of weird chain-smokers. The burst of vehicles like scooters and taxis drive down the avenues as if they were gliding freely in the sky by shedding air with fumes which get to clear themselves during the night only. In spite of all this, the country has a set of good qualities which include country’s best hotels, lively nightlife and sophisticated shops. The most eye-catchy amidst which is the extensive Grand Marché du Dantokpa.

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Grand Marché du Dantokpa:

Encircled by the lagune and avenue St. Michael, extensive Grand Marché du Dantokpa is a startling and heart tiring spot. It offers everything below scorching heats of sun in the complicated streets and the market is more like a deceitful affair. If you want to remember your visit by purchasing some traditional things, get in the market building which offers batiks and Fon jewelry. Also, there is a fetish market close by the lagoon. Get in the market streets and you will get to watch the so called ‘Mama Benz’ who are the arrogant ladies who are named so after their favorite make of car.

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