Bioparco: The Zoological Garden of Rome

The Bioparco SpA is a Zoological Garden situate din Rome, Italy. This zoo houses over 1114 animals belonging to as much as 222 different species. Initially i.e. in the year 1908 Bioparco was established for hosting an exhibition showcasing exotic species of animals from around the globe. Unlike the other zoos of that era, which primarily worked on the scientific aspects of animal species, this Rome based zoological garden aimed at providing maximum amusement and entertainment to the visitors.

Bioparco covered an overall area of 12Hectares. The permanent zoo at this place was inaugurated on the 5th of January, 1911. The design of the zoo was planned by the famed zoo-man and animal trainer of that time, Carl Hagenbeck. Before this one, he already had a zoo at Hamburg, Stellingen. However, the style of the Bioparco was much different compared to that of the Hamburg zoo. The pits and ditches of the Hamburg zoo were replaced by wide green spaces.

From the day of its inauguration, the management of Bioparco wanted to make it a hub for all the exotic and rare animal species of the world. A number of new expansions took place in this park in the year 1926, one of which is a deer park in the adjacent area of Bioparco. Some other areas of the zoo started to fill up in 1933. The renowned architect Raffael De Vico was appointed to design the new segments of the zoo. This time the zoo got two of its finest attractions, a reptile house and a large aviary. These two segments of the zoo were opened in 1935.

Currently, the Bioparco hosts a number of special events throughout the year which include summer camps, watch and learn programs etc.

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