Bewitching Magical Spell Of Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has bewitched the entire globe by its charismatic magnetism as it has come out in flying colors for hosting the much-awaited and exalted Olympics 2016. It has outshined the other three competing cities and successfully emerged out to host the Olympics in its festive spirit. Beware as you too will be mesmerized by its magical spells and you can be left ‘Saudade’- indescribable longing, as this marvelous creation lies elegantly between verdant, forest-covered mountains, and numerous ecstatic beaches. This exceptional city gears up in full force for captivating you with its charming fascinations. This is because of the joint efforts of the ‘Cariocas’ i.e. Rio’s inhabitants who have grappled to make this city a big hit.

It is very tough to describe the vigorousness and high-spirits of the inhabitants while they celebrate the festive occasions? This city is a partying destination that hosts the large scale festivities like Carnival which makes Rio popular. Not only famous for its carnival, but also celebrates boundless revelries on Saturday at Ipanema Beach, fest in Lapa, soccer at Maracana or the rocking roda de samba i.e. samba circle performed at the pavements of Leblon, Copacabana or other hook and corner of the city.

Olympics 2016 Here, music is the life-lusting passion that becomes a congregation ground for accumulating Brazil’s magnificent artists and networks flocks of masses that are as varied as the city. It’s another positive and magnetic charms include its rich melting pot of cultures. Its inhabitants may call themselves as Cariocas; however the city’s enchanting diverse cuisines talks incessantly of its history of migrants. Other striking characteristics comprise of its extravagant flourishing backdrops. The undulating lush green mountains and the white sand beaches lying ahead of the turquoise blue beaches offers for wide-ranging escapades to the adventurous people. Surfing in Prainha, hiking over the Tijuca’s rain forests, sailing in Baia de Guanabara (Guanabara Bay) or rock climbing over the Pao de Acucar i.e. Sugarloaf Mountain is just a small trailer for the adventure enthusiasts who wish to explore fun and adventure in this land.

Rio de JaneiroOne always just can’t expect to face the lighter side of life and neglect the dark side, as you are already known to the fact that ‘a coin has two facets to it.’ Similarly, Rio too comes in it as it is no exception, it too has some hurdles obstructing in its way. This tropical city has a high crime rates and disturbing social discrimination. Despite all these hindrances, Rio still possesses the extraordinary charm and elegance that captures the sight of people and allures them to pay visits again and again.

In addition to Rio’s enthralling charm, it bequeaths another enchanting natural spot that fills with high-spirits. Check that out.

Tourist attractionTourist attraction

Cabo frio:

Perched around the natural settings of sand dunes, beaches, Cabo Frio’s beautiful surroundings are been overseen by the Salt and Tourism industry that are concentrated in this area. If you would oversee the intrusive overdevelopment, Cabo Frio stays a tranquil town whose beaches welcome the tourists with an enchanting smile. The most striking trait of Cabo lies in its fun and lively spirits that attracts flocks of tourists during the summer and weekends. Its bars are filled with large numbers of chilling tourists who enjoy its carefree and merry making atmosphere.

Rio’s carnival Cabo frio Pao de Acucar

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