Best Pub Gardens Of Britain And Ireland – Part V

Weren’t the pub gardens cheery, offering the most delightful sights with whipping scrumptious dishes? Yeah, yeah, I know they were, you don’t need to say it anyways. In this last part, there are other pub gardens that are comprehensive of everything that are needed to make you joyous and merry. So catch up with them.

17. Rat Inn

Alnwick, Northumberland

This place has got a rich historical background, firstly this structure hails back to around 1750 and second thing is the most interesting story. There are many tales woven as to how it got this uneven name, some believe that a largest rat ever seen was caught in this place and some say that it might be where a former innkeeper informed on locals during Jacobite revolt. Whatever the reality may be, but if the above assumptions prove to be authentic someday, then the facts are blend of information and entertainment.

Now-a-days, this spot attracts beeline of tourists because it offers soothe to the sight as well as hunger. Tourists can grasp eye-catchy views of the Tynne valley while reclining over the laurel pleasant gardens. The Rat Inn offers indigenous ale and eatables such as Northumbrian sausage, bubble-and-squeak cake and onion gravy. One more reason to cheer up is that whatever observations they choose to make will no longer be reported to the authorities.

18. Ship Inn

Elie, East Neuk of Fife

This place is set amidst a perfect enthralling and romantic location where one would desire to spend time with ones loved one, enjoy a drink and a great meal; the perfect formula to make a date a big hit. It is settled cozily above the sea walls at Elie, round the East Neuk of Fife from St Andrews. Take a break from the ups and downs of life, and relax in the magnificent garden, gazing the extravagance that it lends.

This location commands excellent views of the South across the sea towards Bass Rock and East across curvy foundation of Blue Flag beach towards Earlsferry. Hit it at low tide every second Sunday and the Pimmsy buzz is amazing fun to deal with.  The garden doubles as off-side boundary for proper white-flannelled beach cricket which is energizing.

Fitzpatrick’s  pub

19. Lake of Menteith

Port of Menteith, Stirling

Located on the banks of the lake, it bestows wide-ranged panoramic scenic Trossachs view across the West. This place which was before a safe haven, got transformed into a hotel. Today, it maintains a beer garden in the shadow of the local church that is just made for long, lazy summer evenings over a dram. It offers superb seafood and local meats, a three course dinner costs about £20. McEwan’s 70 Shilling drams is the obvious cold comfort on hot, sunny days. From time to time, it changes its menu of 30 single malts — from £3.50 for an Auchentoshan, right up to £185 for a shot of 1959 Macallan.

Lake of Menteith

20. Fitzpatrick’s

Co Louth

If you enter the town for the first time, you will find multitude of colors spread over at every nook and corner, hanging baskets around the Fitzpatrick’s pub and restaurant. After this you might get awe-struck, but later if you start noticing it carefully, you will find that these have bloomed from old boots, bicycles, vans, carts, mangles and loo in the corner, which might later compel you to bite your tongue. These people are a bit careless and work on their own whims and fancies, but this does not deviate their way of handling the guests and delivering the goods properly. The staff here provides some of the yummiest treat in the form of excellent beers and an award winning menu.  Over here, the adults can enjoy and simultaneously ponder over the issues of style and decors while gazing over the lofty Cooley Mountains. Even the kids can equally take fun by gazing the resident donkeys.

21. Tom Bar’s

Cork City

Tom bar, adorned with blue exteriors maintains a small bar that tends to invite in respectable set of people. While you have entered inside, head towards the cosily walled, flower-scattered beer garden and you will notice that this place is a perfect mixture of indoor intimacy and outdoor sun basking. Inspite of not affording scenic views, this place rocks because of its indoor environment, this aspect of Tom bar earns it the position among the best bars in the town and makes it a deserving one worth visits.

So wasn’t it a fun rollercoaster ride taking you to the most enchanting pub gardens in the whole of Britain and Ireland? You yourself have the answers to this; now you don’t need my assistance anymore for getting answer to this question. Isn’t it?

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