Best Pub Gardens Of Britain And Ireland – Part III

In the last part, I took you to some of the finest pub gardens that offer the most excellent blend of drinks and award-winning meals. They are not restricted to only eatables but also offer some of the most breath-taking panoramic views around the city. Heading ahead, I will make you aware of more such pub gardens that offer a combo of economical deals and superb scenic views.

9. Ragged Cot

Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire

This place is a bit scruffy, but although manages to gain lots of excited visitors. It offers good food at economical costs and manages to be a favourite of the old timers, innate locals and newly settled locals and even their dogs. The food offered over here are seasonal pub grubs and the interesting part is that the menus are visible to all at the same time, because they are scribbled over the board.

The food is catered in the scrubbed tables or either the gardens, which offers spectacular beauty. The original tattered front or the bodega’ed rear, with its lavender borders and twinkling evening lights has the potential to mesmerize the tourists. To enjoy the landscape verdure, carry a mat outdoors and get delighted by the alluring scenic views over 600 acres of National Trust Land.

10. Pot Kiln

Frilsham, West Berkshire

Pot Kiln is located just 15 minutes from the M4 (via junction 12 or 13) in the midst of remote areas, you will find the place similar to a maze and ultimately end up for help for directions to the natives, but after observing the beauty you will not regret anything. This place offers some attractive enticing natural beauties like the wide-spread balmy garden which offers A- frame benches over where you can enjoy the calm weather along with cold Brick Kiln ale. This place is an 18th century redbrick kiln which is now a pub grub. The place offers some soothing atmosphere and environment with cattle grazing in the field across the lane and birds chirping around sweetly. But however you will probably never found chops of beef and roe-deer burger with melted cheddar on focaccia.

11. Olde Bell

Hurley, Berkshire

The Olde Bell is a medieval inn that is just contrary to its name. It has been systematically given a modern contemporary look by one of the UK’s leading designers, Ilse Crawford. Its gigantic verdant garden comprises of vivid butterflies, wild flowers, chunky furniture and an outside kitchen. There, you may probably get to enjoy the pleasing smell of hog, roasted outside on the air every Sunday.

The bar offers a mishmash of vintage Ercol chairs, milking stools and rockers, that balance unsteadily on the shaky red-tiled floor not because the floors are rickety but because, this might be your condition after gulping a few foamy pints, served in pewter tankards. After having a tasty meal, you can stroll the way leisurely that leads you to unusual and breath-taking cottages. The environment in Thames is so chilling and clement that you will desire to spend an overnight over here, following this you will move downwards to Henley.

Victoria park

12. Britannia

Victoria Park, London

This marvelous one-acre sprawling park has been given a striking makeover that is quite likely to mesmerize your senses. This garden has been the lungs of the East End since it commemorated in the year 1845. Britannia’s menu offers you varied luscious dishes like kebabs, pork chops, sardines, grilled steaks and lots more, but if you want to enjoy them to the fullest, sit outside at the trellis table sipping a pint of Sharp’s Doom Bar overlooking the beautiful scenery and the kiddies-filled lawn and park.

This is the most wonderful garden and the one where you can soothe your senses with noteworthy scenic views of the Victoria Park. Inside the rejuvenating Victorian pub, there is electrifying and deafening DJ which will swing you with the music. Also for others there is an added spice of British bistro. The staff outdoors in the garden grill is very friendly and jovial.

Watch out for more fun and frolic in the beautiful pub gardens that are just waiting for you in the next part. Each one that you come across will allure your senses and evoke a sense of keenness to know more. Hhhmm… getting too desperate to know what’s ahead. I will not illustrate here, you yourself have to go ahead and watch in the next enthralling parts.

victoria park garden victoria park london victoria park

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