Best Experience Of Havana Tours – Part- I

Havana, an isolated and distinct terrain sits calmly in Caribbean and basks glory for being the widest and electrifying city of Caribbean. It possesses an exquisite charm that is sort of transmittable and fills with stimulating energy. It bestows a romantic aroma and serves as a sweet fascination. This is an idyllic destination that is perfect for tourists who are stuck to the daily boring routine. If you don’t trust me then answer my questions, where else can one find the epoch American cars that chases off the Russian Lada Engines, ration stores placed adjacent to the beaming colonial palaces and the revolutionary sloganeering that are sinking down by the rocking night parties? Hmm… tell me, you don’t have the answer, all these characteristics can be best viewed in none else than Havana.

Havaneros i.e. the inhabitants of Havana are true patriots and in love with their city. It’s clearly apparent why? Because this electrifying land of Latin America is enriched with antique cultural society and is quite popular for its 500 years of legendary history. Staying midst the crystal clear waters of the shimmering Caribbean warm waters have bestowed fantastic atmosphere for the inhabitants. This has been a land which has experienced the visits of many; it has witnessed the tramping of the boasting pirates, a colossal bastioned slave port for the Spanish and also served as a money-spinning gambling capital for the North American Mafia. This land has tasted different flavors of life and was capable of being surviving them all and managing to evoke out as a winner. In addition, Havana has also experimented with dynamic things to prove its capabilities. Today, in the era of contemporary Latin culture, Havana has emerged out with diverse cultural activities like salsa, mambo, Havana club rum, mural paintings, Cohiba cigars, Che Guevara iconography and so on and so forth. The list is very long.

Today, the things that form the view for eye-sight in historical Havana are the collapsing apartments and jammed paths which make it different from the same usual beauty. In spite of flaunting the appraised colonial architectures to the opponent Buenos Aires and possessing a beautiful coastline to match California, Havana lacks the breath-taking effect that is generated after viewing spectacular Paris or the amazing location of Rio de Janeiro. The soothing attraction of Havana however lies in the visceral and abstract forms. If you want to gaze the real beauty of this land, then come out on the streets of the neighborhood Centro Havana or Vedado. Here, you will come across an atmosphere that is an inexplicable Santeria practice where few drummers thump the rumba beats.

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