Belize attractions and Tour Delights

Central America has its own share of beautiful sights and loveliest travel delights. Belize is a place which has the best of both the worlds. It has the loveliest sights of the sea and the most adventurous locales to experience. So come here and enjoy the lovely activities like kayaking in the sandy islets and also experience the thrill of snorkeling in these lovely translucent waters of the sea. Come here and experience the best pleasures of being amidst a lot of turtles, dolphins and fishes along with corals. There are many explorers who investigate the ruins of the most ancient civilization here and also enjoy the sights of the lovely birds which dot this region. So come to Belize and enjoy the sights of the plethora of around 570 species which form a major part of this land of pleasures. Enjoy the beautiful fauna here and also the fascinating sights which so form part of this beautiful getaway zone in Asia.

While in Belize, you would be surprised to be one among the 850,000 tourists who annually visit the place. So explore the mysteries of the sites of Maya here and get enthralled by the beautiful Altun Ha or Lamanai. These are travel ecstasies here and then of course the experience of spotting a toucan in this region is a pleasure for all the bird watchers.


Go to the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy snorkeling here on the Caye Caualker or the Northern Caves. It is a true heaven for all and a perfect blend of the biggest fascinations and the most beautiful ambience. Tourism is certainly a greatly important activity here and so you would certainly love to be amidst the most mesmerizing Asian locale.

Belize does not really have the capacity to support the tourists who arrive here so make sure that you are prepared for a little amount of discomfort which is so typical of this region. Otherwise there is no reason actually why you wouldn’t like this place. So the fact that you would be surrounded by a lot of jungles and pleasant regions makes it all the more important why you would want to be a part of this place.

People in Belize have a little bit of awareness and they are very active. So the many ways that one can enjoy here is what keeps you ticking in this land of thrill, scenic pleasures and excitement. There are licensed guides who not only direct you what to do but also give you the experience of being in the best hub of flora and the most ideal fauna. There is a lot of threat here to the habitat of the jaguar and it is very important that tourists realize this and do not do anything that is against the existence of the jaguar and other such species.

Jaguar at Belize

Belize is a region which is certainly proud of its natural heritage so enjoy the sights here and basks in the pleasures of this land and ensures that the place is a storehouse of natural resources and that it remains so.

In fact the motto on the flag of Belize reading Sub Umbra Florero only refers to the majestic mahogany trees and it means under the shade, I flourish. So though the prevalence of the mahogany trees is lost and the Belizeans realize that mahogany is the country’s greatest treasure, the tourists also have a great role to play to maintain the balance of ecology here.

Belize cruises are very common and popular and the cruise liners that anchor off from Belize each year make the place a viable place for tours and travels. These lucrative cruises sometimes dampen the tours in Belize as there is too little time for too much to be seeing, so the best way is to learn to balance between a tour here and getting to have the maximum benefit.

Tours in Belize thus are very interesting and give you a lot of idea about this intriguing place in Asia.

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