Beauty of The Kanaka Durga Temple At Vijaywada

If you want to see a Goddess with a golden smile, and seek her blessings, a visit to the Kanaka Durga temple, located in the heart of Vijaywada city of Andhra Pradesh, beckons you for an amazing experience.

The temple will at first stun your with amazing view of the entire city, and it is a festive holiday, you will be part of huge crowds of devotees who come to pay their reverence to the Goddess, whose face looks so radiant and a warm smiling wins your heart and cleans all your worries, as the name Kanak means gold and when you make your way to the temple crossing the imposing hills you will me mesmerized by the royal majestic gateway that announces that you are in the kingdom of Kanaka Durga temple, and the mother Goddess embraces and welcomes you into her abode.

Kanaka Durga Temple

It is said that the Goddess is very benevolent and grants all your wishes, and how the powers of the goddess has made it possible for the river Krishna to flow unobstructed to city of Vijaywada, when the city was full of rocks, boulders and hillocks and tunnels.

Kanaka Durga Temple in Andhra Pradesh The Kanaka Durga Temple

 After you are done with your spiritual quest, you may spend you day at sprawling hill side, witnessing the glory of nature. Hence it is common for countless devotees to visit this amazing destination seeking riches, success and even seek blessings for a happy life.

The Kanaka Durga Temple At Vijaywada

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