Beautiful Rio in Nature Travels

What is it that makes Rio a class apart from other cities and makes it a great tropical resort? It is only the lovely tropical climate and the beautiful manner in which it is embedded between the white sand beaches, and the fascinating carpeted mountainous regions. So whether you want to decide on the facets of nature or whether you want to experience thrill, Rio is the place to be and the best destination to be in.

The entire manner in which you would enjoy the place depends on you , So on the first day you would take a walk along the Ipanema beach, here get an Agua de coco and then bask in the sun and. then take a bus to Leblon and have lunch here at the eateries offering organic food. If you want you could also get some beauty products at Granado.


Then visit the region of Sao Conrado which is just a tunnel away from Leblon. Take a taxi to Pedra Bonita and then you can enjoy the pleasures of hang gliding here. So go all the way hang gliding to Praia do Pepino. Relax here and watch the lovely sights here. Then you could go to the Praia do Joa.

There are people who take a car straight from Leblon and then go to Praia do Pepe in the beginning of the Barra da Tijuca where the sports fans go berserk with the best thrills of surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing and also kite surfing.

Surfing in Barra da Tijuca

The following day you could take a bus to the Joquei Club and spend your morning in peace. Then take a yoga class and also the capoeira and biogymnasts class. Here you get a good massage at the spa which also gives you some nice holistic treatment. At lunch you could take the on site restaurant doling out the best organic food. Then look around and see the Vista Chinesa, and the Mesa do Imperador as you arrive at the Cristo Redentor Statue. The city is at its best seen from here. Then a train to Cosme Velho and then you could go round the Largo do Boticario and enjoy the sights here.

Rio is also the ideal place for a hike or a trip in biking and as you explore the Parque Nacional da Tijuca, you would feel very close to nature and enjoy the beautiful manner in which the vagaries of nature seem to bestow their blessings on the tourists. Then go to the Pagaio and the Pedra da Gavea and experience the best of travels in this part of the world.

Parque Nacional da Tijuca

Reach Santa Teresa where you could really unwind with the lovely walks that are so easily enjoyed here. then of course there are hotels like Apravizel which give the sights of lovely gardens and beautiful city views.

It would be a good idea to rent a car or a taxi and as you drive westwards towards the secluded beaches of Prainha enjoy the surfing activity and you would be in a paradise that you would never have dreamt of. Those who love nature can go on those adventurous walking trails, which seem to weave through the park providing the best locale for tourists and nature lovers.

Prainha beach

Visit the landscaper and artist Sitio Roberto Burle Marx’s residence and enjoy the shopping experience in and around this pace. While you find a stylish beach you could also enjoy he pleasures of yoga and meditation here.

Once all that you wanted to do is done in Rio, then it is time to check out the restaurants here offering the best food and the most delicious of them in fact. Take a table at any of the eateries and experience the absolute delight of being in a land that is totally enchanting and mesmerizing. Get enthralled by the simplicity and beauty of the place and come back with memorable travel delights.

Come to Rio and experience a never before holiday destination.

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