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If you are in any part of Chennai in south India, and you are done with all the shopping that you wanted to and you feel you are done with Chennai, then you are wrong. For right very near Chennai just a few hours’ drive away is a land of paradise, a land that has the most serene of ambience and the most calming experience of a lifetime – The Land of Pondicherry.

Yes, here at Pondicherry you would find the best scenic beauty, grand architecture and most of all a very well planned and well constructed roads.


Pondicherry – The land of the Aurobindo Ashram There are half day tours when the tourists are taken around the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the Chunnambar complex, the Museum at Pondicherry and the Auroville Matrimandir. There are also the Anglo French Textiles which give you a complete knowhow of why this place is so popular.

Aurobindo Ashram Auroville Matrimandir

Then there are the full day tours where you would go to the pilgrim places in Tamil Nadu in and around Pondicherry and also some sightseeing nearby.

Bharati Memorial MuseumThe Bharati Memorial Museum is a monument dedicated to the great Tamil poet Subramanian Bharathi who came here in this city in the year 1908. He came out with some of his finest compositions. Today his residence is the museum and is almost like a pilgrim spot for many.

Barathidasan Memorial Museum is another museum dedicated to the poet Kanakasubburatnam. He took the name of Barathidasan later on as he started composing poems similar to Bharati and they were very literary oriented and full of patriotism.

Then of course at Pondicherry you have the famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram which is a great centre for yoga practice and was developed by the Mother. It is today a centre for learning and a training ground for many. The Ashram participates in the area of industry, agriculture, culture and art. The Samadhi of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo is laid in the centre of the Ashram. The serenity and the calm that exists here is seen to be believed and one likes to come here to come to terms with the facts of life. There is a book store where you can get books of your choice related to religion and philosophy. There is a temple here with a meditation centre and the silence here certainly brings a lot of calm to the troubled and tired mind.

The beach at Pondicherry is a place where sunrise is best viewed and the sight of the sun setting is beautiful too. A photographer’s delight this beach excels in the promenade that one can take here. There are tourists who come here to sun bathe or swim and many just plainly like to take stroll here. The history behind the beach has seen some of the great Anglo French battles. The Statue of the Mahatma and the War Memorial are two important monuments at the beach. There are great monolithic pillars on the sides of the mahatma statue and the architectural elegance is simply mesmerising.

Pondicherry beach

The Auroville city nearby is another lovely place to see and so do make Pondicherry a must visit.

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