Beach Tales from Daman beaches

While you are in India, beach tours are a must in the travels. Any tourist coming to India surely has to include beaches in the itinerary. Filled with the utmost delights and loaded with a lot of excitement, the beaches in India offer the most memorable experiences and the most fascinating tour delights.

Come to India and go to the region of Nani Daman beaches near Maharashtra and enjoy the pleasures of the shoreline here. the Devka beach with the best views offers ways of enjoying beach travels and gives the tourist a chance to come back once more for recreation and entertainment. As the waves dance and the sunlight glimmers in the sands of the Devka beach, the entire scenic drama unfolds in front of your eyes and you will be filled with a kind of tour experience that is greatly enchanting and immensely satisfying.

Devka Beach

Collect shells here and let the water play around with your feet. Beat the summer heat by swimming in the beach water. Enjoy the sight of the tourists basking in the sun here and take a tour round the amusement park here that has attracted many kids all over the world. With the best facilities of a merry go round and also the multicolored fountains this is a great land to be in and a perfect way to spend a vacation. Added to this you have the culinary pleasures satisfied with the lovely ice cream parlours and the delicious food centers. Certainly a beach enthusiast’s paradise and surely a nice way to enjoy summer.

Make sure you ride on the camel or the pony in the beach for here there are facilities for this too. The serene ambience, the pristine surroundings and the virgin shores are a perfect treat for the eye. The restaurants here are also very comfortable and luxurious and they face the sea and provide the tourist with that exotic experience. There are road stalls here which sell many items. So you can shop here and let your shopping juices flow. Take a lot of beach clothing and enjoy the pleasures of the amusement park too. There are entry charges which are very nominal and there are facilities for taking the camera too.

The Jampore Beach here nearby is also another lovely land of pleasures. Come here and enjoy swimming and also enjoy the sights of the plantations of casuarinas that are planted here. Once can experience the beauty of tranquility and bask in solitude here. Walk on the soft sand which is heavenly when it is wet and experience the beauty of beaches in low tide. The entire line of the beach is broad and calm. The sea seems to playfully loll around here and there are no undercurrents here posing danger to tourists. There are horse rides given here and also the perfect beach settings which relax a tired tourist totally.

Jampore Beach

Then you have the Fisherman’s beach at the sea face in Nani Daman and this is another popular beach destination in this part of the world. The Mirasol Resort and Waterpark is another beautiful wonder made by man and the tourists here totally basks in the pleasures of boating in the artificial lake here. There are two islands here that are linked by a bridge. Then there are mini train rides, machans on tree tops, video games, water slides and lot of good restaurants doling out the most delicious cuisine. There are fountains that have lights and as they reflect their beauty on the beach waters at night, the whole place looks like paradise. Get enchanted by the magic spell that is cast by this place and enjoy the greenery beckoning you to relax for an eternity.

Daman beaches also have the beautiful pleasures of water parks which look beautiful and are convenient. With the coconut,chikoos and mango trees dominating the region, the tourists is totally pampered with a lot of things to see and a lot more to do. Come here and enjoy the sights of majestic structures like the fort of St. Jerome. Surely you would want to stay back here for a longer time and experience this region to the fullest.

St. Jerome Fort

Come to Daman beaches and enjoy the visual delights here and experience the pleasures of being in a beach paradise.

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