Bangladesh: Chittagong and the Chittagong hill tracts


It is the second largest city of Bangladesh and is situated on the banks of the River Karnaphuli. Near to the city is an Old Portuguese enclave which is known as Paterghata.

Bangladesh Chittagong

There is a colonial church located here and people here are mostly Christians. Sadarghat is an old waterfront area which is interesting because of the activities of trade which help in the growth of the city. The most amazing architectural beauties in the city are Shahi Jama-e-Masjid and Qadam Mubarak Mosque.

Shahi Jama e Masjid

Interesting display of the tribal people of Bangladesh can be seen at the Ethnological Museum in the Agrabad area. In the north west of the city is the Fairy Hill in the British City where you can get amazing views and cool breezes to match the view. Reazuddin Bazaar is the market which is a must se

Hazari guli which is the goldsmith lane is also worth a visit. A journey down the sampan river is exciting. A ship breaking yard lies to the north of the city which is the graveyard of the big, small and mighty which have roamed the oceans.

Chittagong hill tracts:

These hill tracts have dense and steep jungles which cover the hills. This is a must see on a trip to Bangladesh. The Buddhist tribal people live in these regions. The area is full of ravines, cliffs and hills. There are jungles, bamboo, shrubs and creepers.

Chittagong hill tracts

There are four main valleys to be found here which are carved by the Feni, sangu, Karnaphuli and the Matamuhuri rivers. This area is the best place to see in Bangladesh. They are located in the far south east corner of the country. They lie towards the border of Myanmar. These hill tracts are spread over three different districts of Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari.

There are 14 unique tribes that are living in the Chittagong hill tracts. These hill tracts are home to half a million people of these tribes. These are a change in terrain from the flat plains of Bengal. They are a great place to get far away from the crowds and relax. The traditional lives of the tribals still continue to remain the same.

The tribal kings, headmen of the village and their crafts which help them earn a good living. Their natural lifestyle has help maintain the ecological balance in these hill tracts. This region was restricted until only recently when it has been allowed to outsiders other than the locals. This is a experience to treasure as even today only a few handful of foreign tourist have set foot on these enchanting terrains.


This area is open to tourists and visitors. It is a rural area which is lush and serene and belongs to the Chakma tribe. The Kaptai lake is also nearby. The lake is surrounded by beautiful thick tropical forests. The lake has thatched fishing villages on its shores. There are boats which can take you to these villages from Rangamati. There are small taxis in the town which can tend to make the environment polluted. Holidays and Fridays are not the best days to visit this place as it is crowded with locals with blaring cinema music.

Bangladesh Rangamati

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