Bali is Perfectly called the Island of God

Whosoever visited the Islands of Bali have given it a name based on their experience. The island is a combination of rich culture with pristine waters, fine beaches and fantastic tourist attraction. The weather is all time best. This place has all – sun, surf, bronzed bodies and a rocking night life. Bali may look small in size but at no point it means that tourist attractions are also limited. Boasting of big resorts, international hotels and world class tourist attractions, this place is an ultimate getaway with family or friends.

Bali island

The beach runs will find Bali to be a Paradise. Kuta beach tops the list. Famous for white sands and rocking nightlife, the surfers will have a ball here. The high tides are just perfect for surfing but not swimming. The seaside restaurants will relish your appetite with some exotic mouth watering delicacies. The Lovina Beach is by far no less than in delivering fun. A perfect spot for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling, here you can also explore a vast coral reef. You can also enjoy dancing and playing with the dolphins. Looking for some relaxing time at the beach!! Come to the Sanur beach where the calm waters will truly calm you, sooth you and rejuvenate you. Here you will get a glimpse into the culture of Bali as a traditional village will welcome you with its warm people and open markets where you can stroll  and buy some souvenirs to take back home.

Bali scuba diving

Now let’s move to the mountains. Ubud, a strikingly beautiful region in the mountains to the north of Kuta Beach and Denpasar is a very traditional and historical town surrounded by many ancient villages. The Balinese royal family also stays here. An array of temples and scenic beauty will leave you mesmerized. The adventure buffs here is some fun in store for you. While Kuta is perfect place for surfing for the beginners, the experienced surfers should head to Bukit Peninsula. The surfers are going to come here again and again.

Kuta Beach

Denpasar, the capital of Bali is always buzzing with traffic. There are various temples worth visiting. Sakenan Temple, Uluwatu Temple and Jagatnatha Temple are all Hindus temples and are considered very sacred and pious. The best part visiting these temples is that paying prayers to the almighty one can also enjoy a perfect natural beauty. This place can also be explored for various museums; the most famous one is the Bali Museum.

Jagatnatha Temple

The Bali Barat National Park will be a delight for the nature lovers as you will get to see plethora of flora and fauna. It is home to some rare species of birds like the Bali Starling, elusive leopards, Javan Buffalo and barking deer. The archaeological buffs will be content to see Kintamani which is a historical city in Bali mountainous region. Situated amidst breathtaking scenic beauty, this place also features Bali’s largest lake. One can also enjoy a  hot spring bath and canget rid of some skin ailments.

Bali Barat National Park

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  1. Patty McCarthy says:

    I have to say Bali is my favorite place I’ve ever been to!

  2. Carla says:

    Bali is one of the few places on Earth with origins in ancient cultures which is still alive.Beautiful and unspoiled!

  3. Hans Phoenix says:

    My wife and I had visited Bali a couple of months ago and had a great time at Bali riding on horsebacks,and enjoying the scenic beauty here..It was beautiful watching the sunset here and slowly trotting on the beach on horseback!
    We just loved the different experience..It was great and so unique! The beach was really isolated with only a few locals hanging about the place and swimming in the calm waters.. There were some cliffs which we climbed onto led by our guide..The rice fields looked beautiful blanketing the surrounding greenery..! We got back on our horses and were led by our guide to the nearby villages where the local children all smiles greeted us “hello”.

    My wife and I really had a fantastic time of our life here.!
    Thanks for posting about Bali and reminding us of the wonderful time we had here! :-)

  4. Jackie Rutherson says:

    Oh How I love this place! I visited Bali with my brothers and sisters 10 years back, when we were 12.I have fond memories of the time spent here with my family.I’d like to share them with you..
    We played in the rice fields with the local kids and sat in twos on the horses and roamed the beaches with help from local friends.We have warm memories about the people here and the place.We swam in the river with the horses without a care in the world.The coolness and quietude of the rice fields rubs on all the people living here..The people follow Hinduism here but it is very different from what is practiced in India..I still remember the friendly people of Bali and the wonderful time spent here.

  5. Amos Michnik says:

    I’m originally from Australia and back home m and my sister both have horses which we still ride..But the experience of riding horse on Bali is beyond description..We galloped along the sand and rode through the waves..The beaches of Bali have volcanic black sand..It was a very peaceful,quiet and also a lot of fun experience for us!

  6. Richard Browne says:

    Hi all!
    I’m glad to read the experiences of my fellow bloggers and I’d like to say that this place is indeed where you can have so much fun and relaxation at the same time amidst friendly and amiable people!
    A GREAT place! The rice fields are so beautiful and a must visit to the nearby villages where you can interact with the locals and know about their strong spiritual culture and develop your worldly knowledge!

  7. Philip Johnson says:

    Bali is a beautiful place with deeply spiritual people who are easy going and know how to enjoy the simplicities of life..The local villagers will greet you with warmth and show you around the cliffs and beaches..I really miss this place and intend to go their really soon..
    Thanks for reminding me :-)

  8. Freddie Austen says:

    A great place to be..A diiferent romantic setting of enjoying the sunset on horse with your loved one without any care in the world..The people are SUPER FRIENDLY and will guide you around the place..A must for those inclined to have a new kind of experience which would add newness to their lives!

  9. William DietRich says:

    Visiting Bali left great memories and occupies a dear place in my heart.Riding the horses on the beach was amazing..I remember the river crossings where the horses got upto their necks in the ocean surf(I was a bit nervous so they got in the river a bit lower than the neck)! I and my wife had the most romantic sunset time of our lives ever!

  10. Percy Koontz says:

    A GREAT post! Thanks for giving such useful information about Bali! Keep posting! :-)

  11. Vanessa Duvall says:

    Hi! I enjoyed reading your post on Bali..I had payed a visist to the village locals in Bali..I’d like to share something about them..These people really live in close-knit families and have large extended members.
    Kuta is a great tourist attraction famed for its white sand beaches and astounding sunsets..A great place to visit for a memorable experience to be cherished for life.

  12. Kevin Johnson says:

    I’m pleased to read your post on Bali and my fellow bloggers amazing experiences..! Keep posting more such interesting stuff!
    I’m glad I came across your site and will definitely recommend to all! Thank you!

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