Autumn In Florida

Excursion in Florida which is also renowned as “Sunshine State” on the threshold of autumn brings around the atmosphere of woodsmoke and plummeting leaves, however this cannot be the only thing that is expected in autumn, it also depends on the fact that where you are visiting. In the Gulf Coast of Florida, I did not witness much seasons except the perpetual monsoon and dry seasons. Over here, it is a roller coaster ride of diminishing things that are continuously changing or developing old and older by the rising time.

This place experiences a lesser amount of falling and dying, over the modern revamped spots like the Highway 41, same as the proliferating numbers of elderly women leaning on the warmth beaches. Moving ahead, for exploring the terrain, similar things were lying on so many levels. A watch outside looking through the window provided a view of a fellow who was cleansing downwards with some smelly water.

Later after this, I along with my friend made a visit to the nearby garden which is set on the tracks of shady oak and tall pine trees with old section of Flatwoods. There, my eye-sights could not perceive sight of peoples and then both of us went ahead for unmasking the tracks. While passing through the trails, we observed proliferation of the wild edible of fennel; I can still conceive the views, as they are fresh and tend to clearly appear in front of my eyes.

Autumn in FloridaComing out again in the trails of the park, gives chuckling sounds in the ear, and when we get alongside the park, there are four small girls enjoying over the slides. This view acquainted me to the parks of Mexico, the way of living there in the open, the simplicity and translucence, that I never thought that would recline in the lands of Florida, but always desiring the same.

I have always been fond of this soothing season since I was born and brought up in the region of Georgia. The place where I was residing was cooler but still it provided warmth and falls used to be the parched time in the year. During that time, it was the most exciting to walk down the calming River Chattahoochee and serenely watching the view of everything around falling. I believe that it is a form of transparency, hence go guys and grab the transparent side of nature. Tour with right senses and you will land in relaxing tranquility.

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