Arenal volcano: Most active in Costa Rica

Nestled at a distance of 90 km from San Jose in northwest Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano is an active soaring over 5000 feet in the district of La Fortuna. It is known by many more names such as Canaste, Volcan Rio Frio, Pan de Azucar, and Volcan Costa Rica. Believed to be not even 7000 years, the Arenal volcano is a young strato volcano that boasts a shape of a cone whose surface is highly vegetated and a crater that is quite wide. Formerly, it was the volcano with only one crater at its peak, but after the eruption of 1968, three additional craters got formed on the western sides of which one is only seen currently.

Regarded as the Costa Rica’s most active volcano, the Arenal volcano is also among the world’s 10 most active volcanoes. As per the experts, the volcanic activity is today not that damaging even though one can yet spot the columns of ash, shimmering orange lava, unexpected eruptions daily, and subterranean echoing. Therefore, it is now a days attracting a myriad of tourists. In addition, its ideal conical shape facilitates splendid vistas of the volcanic activity in the crater. If you come here with a guide at night, you can also see a scene of red lights along with the tense eruptions.

Considered as a mesmerizing natural wonder and a spectacular mount, the Arenal volcano is a must visit site for a tourist in Costa Rica. It is not that difficult to see its red-hot rocks running down the vertical slants and high volcanic ash columns over the crater because eruptions almost occur on a daily basis. In fact, since 1968, the volcano is constantly erupting following the reawakening after 400 years. Further, the volcano irregularly places off a staged flow of rapidly flowing hot gas as well as rock.

To reach the volcano, one needs to enter the Arenal Volcano National Park that is located at 15 kilometres from the La Fortuna district. It offers some beautiful vistas of the volcano. It is also easy to see the lava as the park’s location is on the same side as that of the lava flow, that is west. However, it is not certain as to when this lava will change its path. So, you need to strictly follow the instructions of your experienced guide. In the park, there are two short trails of 2 km and 3.4 km, which go beyond the young jungle as well as the old lava fields of the former big eruptions. To know which trail is open, you need to contact any of the park rangers who maintain a look at the volcanic activity constantly. The total hiking time is of 4 hours and it is scheduled to start at 8 am and 2 pm totaling up to two chances of hiking in a day. The park belongs to the Arenal Conservation Area and holds much geologic and biological density.

Besides exploring the volcano, you can also take the benefit of many action-packed activities in the zone of Arenal. These include rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, canopy tours, waterfall rappelling, hanging bridges, wildlife viewing, zip lines, hot springs, and cave tours. So, it is obvious that you will definitely wish to live in the Arenal area for some days. Many of these activities take around the volcano, while some aim at ending at the site of the volcano.

There is one more way to enjoy the view of the Arenal volcano. This is the Sky Tram gondola that is a slow paced one offering a flat ride. Via this gondola, you get a chance to observe the rain forest that itself provides countless vistas along the way. Therefore, you can easily admire the natural charm of Costa Rica, which flanks you as to ride further at the top. The moment you reach the observation deck, your eyes will certainly be stunned to capture the most breathtaking vistas of the volcano’s south side. You can keep on gazing as long as you wish either standing or seating on one of the chairs. Overall, it is only half an hour ride from La Fortuna village. It is very easy to take up this ride if you stay at Arenal Paraiso or Tabacon hotels.

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