Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Thallassery region there is a small paradise of greenery near Kannur in Kerala. This Indian wildlife heaven spans over an area of around 55 sq km and is found on the Western Ghat slopes and is also a wildlife zone in the northernmost part of the state of Kerala. The highest peak of this region is the Katti Betta which rises to a height of around 1145m. A perfect wildlife paradise this is a great place to visit in this part of India. The elevation here varies from a height of 60 metres to 1145 metres.

With Thallassery as the nearest station, this sanctuary Karipur International Airport in Kozhikode is the nearest airport. The Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary has a plethora of flora and fauna and is a great representation of the biodiversity of Western Ghats which are an integral part of the Indian landscape. With the evergreen and tropical canopy, the greenery here is beautiful. With 490 hectares of eucalyptus trees and a beautiful expanse of teak plantations, the entire sanctuary is a fantastic hub for the best kind of flora. There are around 23 kinds of mammals, 22 kinds of reptiles, 188 types of birds, 39 varieties of fish, and around 16 kinds of amphibians. You can find wild animals like the spotted deer, gaur, boar, elephant, barking deer, Malabar giant squirrel, Nilgiri langur, bison, leopards, white jungle cats, and squirrel.

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Spotted Deer Malabar giant squirrel Nilgiri langur Leopards

Rainfall here is quite consistent and this is the reason that the place is relatively cool throughout the year and the place is thus a place which produces the hybrid coconut seeds and is also today the major production centre in India.

One can reach the sanctuary by road from Thallassery which is around 45 km from Aralam. With provision for accommodation, and guest houses easily available, the place is an ideal getaway spot for all the nature enthusiasts. With the months of November to May being the ideal time to visit this place, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is certainly a paradise for all those wildlife lovers.

This sanctuary was started in the year 1984, by carving out some regions from the Odanthode Malavaram of the Thallassery region. This was initially a private forest and then was taken over by the Government. Till the year 1998, the sanctuary was actually a range in the wildlife Division of Wayanad, and it started as an independent wildlife zone in the year 1998. The area was divided into the Buffer Zone and the Core Zone. There is a road that has been developed which connects Vaiayamchal and Odamthode. This is a great benefit for all the tribals who live here and is also greatly helpful for those who visit this sanctuary.

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

In recent times, an Interpretation centre also has been organized for the benefit of all the visitors who come here.

With being the most recent and the northern most wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary with its pristine surroundings and virgin verdant expanse exposes the tourist to the best kind of wildlife experience. This green paradise housing most of the best kinds of species of animals and varieties of fauna thus has seeped into wildlife travel in India and has etched a mark in the travel memoirs.

Visit this beautiful haven of an amalgamation of flora and fauna in this part of the world and enjoy your wildlife experiences.

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