Any Traveling Plans For 2010?

Along with the unsullied, early days of 2010, a couple of weeks later you might also step into an ocean of confusion choosing the best destination to travel. That happens with me too. Consequently, I present you my list of top ten destinations for 2010, which may be quite helpful for you to plan you next expedition.


With jade peaks, vivacious civilization, and sun-drenched pasty beaches, Columbia is a place for expeditors seeking Colombia beachescontentment and gratification. Once beleaguered with bloodshed, hatred, and ignored by most of the travelers, this South American exquisiteness is now a pleasing paradise. Bogota, capital city, is one of the celebrated attractions in the world, where tourists are enticed by the revitalization while enjoying the captivating museums, flamboyant shopping, and the rare nocturnal scenes. Cali offers awesome night life with midnight wild parties, while Medellin flaunts its panoramic settings and clement ambiance. Spend your last lazing in the ashen coasts of Cartagena.

Ideal time to visit Colombia:

The arid, sunlit days amid December and March are quite pleasing. July and August also offer similar ambiance.

Indianew india gate delhi

The vivacious and pulsating streets of Delhi will offer yet more variety and magnetism as the Commonwealth Games arrive here in 2010. The action-packed urban heart of India will host this spectacular event in October, which is also an ideal time to visit the mugginess in India. Along with the sporting activities in Delhi, India offers its visitors with the exquisiteness of the turquoise water rinsing the pasty beaches of Goa. This diminutive state attracts most of the tourists visiting the magical and mythical land of India. Wait, there is more. To witness the overwhelming panorama of sturdy, crimson mountains and beaches with coconut ranches, don’t miss a drive through picturesque roads of Kerala. With more and more tourists visiting every year, some seeking peace, some pleasure, India is now a budding vacationer enticement.

Ideal time to visit India:

Visit during October to attend the legendary Commonwealth Games and experience the pleasure of soaking in the concluding pouring days.

New Zealand

As an active and enthusiastic traveler, I am sure you might have visited the stunning landscapes of New Zealand loaded with jade New Zealand mountainpeaks and roaring waves. However, this exquisite set of isles has something new to offer every year. To experience an exploratory and audacious holiday, New Zealand tops the list with activities like glacier hiking, lofty mountain trekking, cavern exploring, bungee jumping, and many other water sports which is a tiny part of extensive winter sports. With abundant wildlife and luxuriant forests, it is also a perfect holiday location for expeditors seeking safari adventures or a tranquil biological exploration.

Ideal time to visit New Zealand:

To enjoy outdoor recreational activities, visit between November and April. However, the months of June, July, and August is the best period to try skiing.


The muggy plains stretched in Chitwan and frosty Himalayan crests signifies the variety and assortment offered by nepal kathmanduNepal. Subsequent to an unhinged political era, this mountainous Asian country is all set to flaunt its copious assets to the world. Annapurna region is now seen crammed with trekking aficionados, paragliders swathe the azure sky above the picturesque backdrop of Pokara, and the glimpses of the gracious Bengal Tiger and the rare single-horned Indian rhino in the luxuriant national park is beguiling tourists from all over the world. Apart for the panoramas and escapades, Nepal encompasses the capital city of Kathmandu, which is crammed with hastening rickshaws, narrow-eyed naives, and multihued shops. Thamel is another dazzling terrain occupied by rooftop taverns and vivid mementos.

Ideal time to visit Nepal:

Remarkable panoramas of the stunning Himalayas can be best viewed in the months of October to November and March to May.

South Africa

Known for its wildlife and tropical forests, South Africa offers perfect backdrops for adventurers. The southern tip of Africa is a south africa safarimulticolored patchwork of expansive savannas, jade woods, and assortment of wild creatures. A completely diverse outlook can be observed in the cosmopolitan Cape Town, where 2010 World Cup will be held. Other sport hosting cities of Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Rustenburg, Polokwane, and Nelspruit will be jam packed with holidaymakers and football lovers. 2010 is the year to join the urban festivals, football fan clubs, and the safari tours in South Africa.

Ideal time to visit South Africa:

During FIFA World Cup in June and July.


Much more exotic than the name, Mozambique is Africa’s quickly thriving tourist destination and one of my favorites Mozambiquefor 2010. This tropical band flanked by Indian Ocean is loaded with archipelagos, and exhilarating adventures of fishing, snorkeling, swimming, and diving in the vast turquoise water of the eternal ocean. Due to a protracted 20-year civil war, the land of Mozambique was once completely inaccessible for visitors. Since last decade, it has now, gradually, started appearing in the preferred holiday lists of people from all parts of the world. The unmatched panorama of golden sand granules and azure water is absolutely revitalizing. Mozambique is quite appropriately water-linked with the adjoining South Africa, offering accessibility to the world cup enthusiasts. Maputo, capital city, is just 106 miles away from the Nelspruit, a South African city. If you are one of those planning to fly South Africa to cheer your favorite team in the World Cup, don’t forget to cheer your soul in Mozambique.

Ideal time to visit Mozambique:

Because most of the attraction lies at the coastal area, May to November is the ideal time to visit Mozambique.


The classy capital city of Sweden that will soon be a European Green Capital, Stockholm is a lattice of 14 islands, professional structural swden Stockholmdesign, and unblemished green terrains. This well-groomed city uses renewable energy sources to run the public transport system and emission of green house gasses in Stockholm is 50% less than the national average. Several ecological, gorgeous, and stunning panoramas can be seen from a network of delightful cycling passages made for visitors. The panoramas with unsoiled streets occupied by extremely nice-looking Swedish people makes Stockholm a vacationing paradise. At every corner of this city, you can effortlessly locate an art gallery full of elegant frescos and artifacts, and a seafood eatery serving delectable dishes, aroma of which you can inhale while you are in the neighboring art gallery.

Ideal time to visit Sweden:

The placid days in the months of May to October is quite idyllic for visitors.


The comprehension of Croatia as a famous tourist spot can be easily spotted from the foreign crowd cramming the Croatia beachstreets of this Balkan country. To enjoy the natural vistas, saunter through the pasty, sandy beaches listening to the growling waves informing about the new restaurants and café thriving on the edges. The sun reflects vaguely in the azure water and the shimmering yachts sailing coarsely. To observe the cultural façade of Croatia, move toward the southern city of Dubrovnik overflowing with flamboyant architecture and snug espresso bars. To witness the real culture of Croatia, attend the annual Dubrovnik Carnival hosted in February which includes repartee and assorted music concerts. Explore the ancient wineries in the interiors or walk through the recently established wine yards near the coastal area that offers luscious, saccharine wine.

Ideal time to visit Croatia:

The real delight of relaxing on the beaches of Croatia is between May and September.


2010 – A year dedicated to Istanbul. This place is one of the European Capital of Culture of the year, other being Essen in turkey istanbulGermany and Pecs in Hungary. In the final days of 2009, Turkey is gearing up to flaunt its new, electrifying cultural episodes, and endorse the Turkish momentous edifices, art galleries, and festivals. The months of 2010 is filled with events like first Istanbul Literature Festival, biggest concert in Turkey represented by the Irish group of rockers “U2”, and many such enthralling activities. If you need a break from the clamor, take a day’s trip to the neighboring Princes’ Island, where exquisite panoramas can be enjoyed riding on a caleche (a native horse cart) because no cars are permitted here. Or opt to sail the serene sapphire water of the Mediterranean Sea gushing at the Turkish coastline.

Ideal time to visit Turkey:

Most of the months are scorched by the sweltering sun. Hence, it’s wise to visit Turkey in April-May or September-October.

Abu Dhabi

The biggest and most wealthy section of the sensational United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi, and its uninterrupted Abu Dhabiefforts of ascending the ladder to top the world’s famous tourist locations seems to be accomplishing. While, it seems that Dubai’s hymn of ‘biggest is best’ is gradually fading away, Abu Dhabi is now pronounced as the financial, political, and cultural heart of UAE. Soon, a new attraction will be added besides jewels of Abu Dhabi, as it’s in the midst of developing a remarkable, classy district on Saadiyat Island, which also includes the expansive and graceful Guggenheim Museum. English is extensively spoken in Abu Dhabi. For those who can afford splurging a fortune in a night, visit the scintillating Cristal bar and the exquisite Emirates Palace.

Ideal time to visit Abu Dhabi:

Nights in December and January are quite chilly, whereas sweltering heat is a common phenomenon in April-July. So the best months to visit this land are February, March, and October to mid-November.

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    I’ve never heard of the place mozambique. After reading it seemed like how beautiful can a place be which is never mentioned in great places on earth.

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    I am planning to go to cover Arab countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi. first my plan was to enjoy more i Dubai and less in Abu Dhabi but after reading it above I am changing my plan.

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    Snow clad mountains! long long farms!!! purest milk and milk products! least populated and polluted! Scenic beauty! truly nature! thats New Zealand!

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    I am European and for business I’ve traveled almost all the countries but yet i found some place which I’ve never heard of Mozambique!

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    Mozambique! that names seems to be like some tribal place of South Africa! I wonder its can be so beautiful.

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    These may be the 10 best places worth a visit but there are few more which one should never ever miss to visit..they must visit once in their life.. like Ladakh in India, Gold Coast in Australia and some more…

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    Colombia one of the places to visit?? thats strange, never heard from anyone!

  15. yo! i have been a studying at the University of Georgia for almost three years now and it has been a awesome time :) Ive been studying Tourism… anyway informative stuff, Goa is really beautiful

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