Antique Lamu Town Kenya

An ancient serene town inhabited since the 12th century is an eye-catcher enticing tourists from allover the globe. This exquisite town is a Swahili settlement in East Africa built from mangrove timbers and coral rocks, flaunting simplicity and naïve traditions. It displays beautiful innate characteristics like verandahs, finesse carvings on the doors and courtyards. It shelters and gain recognition for preserving the UNESCO Heritage Centre “United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization”. It is a delicate town offering diversity in the blend of Arab and African cultures. It serves similarly as a showstopper, building this town a halting destination for the travelers, so that they grab its beauty and tranquility. Its charming boutique hotels are fascinators to the high-class society.

The architectures of Lamu Town exhibit an entity of its well-preserved cultures and influences of other nations like Europe, India and Arab. This town maintains an unique and distinct identity of its own because of its traditional cultures. In spite of all this traditional structures, while you enter the streets you will get to vision donkeys occupying the position of modes of transport and vehicles are less in numbers. Moreover to this, the news is spread by the town-crier. Isn’t that striking, staying in the contemporary era and retaining its culture and traditions, I think that’s truly awe-inspiring.

Lamu town, KenyaRoam in the narrow streets of Lamu town, possessing a discrete identity. Enjoy the retreats that this town endows; gulp the drinks that are proffered in Tusker beers at the waterfront terraces. Take a water ride in the wooden dhows, to the patched holes before the tides hit your way and awash you. While you have aboard the ship, grab the opportunity of fishing. Also, the town has some uneven characteristics from which you can churn out fun as well some of antiques. There is a spot known as Mkunguni Square, which is renowned for its auctioning, so hit the place and give your part of bidding on Friday mornings. Adjoining this is the legendary Old Amani Fort, which is now transformed into Government building. Also, visit the Lamu Museum which gives you a peek- a- boo at Lamu’s ancient times, the visiting timings for this museum are between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Lamu town KenyaIn the town:

After you land in the Manda Island, enjoy the boat ride for 10 minutes and you get in the town. After reaching, miss out the Ministry of Tourism Office because they barely possess any recreational information like the maps, brochures or hotel information of Lamu town. Here onwards, there are two main paths, one is the Harambee Road located on the waterfront and Jomo Kenyatta Street which is a block island.

The populace of Lamu Town comprises of 90% Muslims and the women are always covered with burkhas. Any women visitors, planning to expedite in Lamu town, I recommend to dress in a decent manner. One more point of utmost concern is, before capturing any photographs, take permission or you will land yourself in danger.

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