Voyaging Antartica

Antartica has gained lot of popularity for being the perfect tourist destination for those who love to visit the coldest part of the world. There are many remarkable places to visit in Antartica.

Tourism in Antartica can date back to the year 1960 when sea tourism came into the scene. The only way to visit Antartica is through the sea route and there are remarkable cruises and sea ferries which takes you around the most interesting places in Antartica.

Antarctica tourism

There are many amazing places to see in Antartica. The Antartic Peninsula, Carcass Island, Falkland Islands, and South Georgia, South Shetland Island.

Carcass island
The Antartic Peninsula is an amazing place to be in. The place is situated at 66 degree 32′ S parallel of the latitude. Mostly the sun does not rise in the area and the tourists are taken to this cold iceberg in a cruise. Port Lockroy is one of the most interesting places to visit in the Antartic Peninsula. Also, the Neumayer Channel is an interesting site and you can see the most popular fin whale there. One of the most stunning and photogenic sights in Antartica is the Lemaire Channel.

Antartic Peninsula
One of the main features of the Antartic Peninsula is that the wildlife here is simply amazing. Cormorants, seals, penguins and the breathtaking landscape of the place is simply awesome. If you are visiting the Peterman Island, you can see the popular blue- eyed shags, raucous birds and thousands of rare fish varieties.

Antarctic Peninsula Seals
After you experience the most coldest part of the world, its now time to venture your foot on the “rolling green hills, the yellow grose and the white sand beaches and the pale blue sea”. The most amazing part about this island is that you get to spot some of the most interesting wildlife here. As you walk along the shore, you can get to spot thousands of penguin pairs.

Penguin pairs
Falkland Island is an interesting and the most popular tourist destination. There are two main islands at Falkland, the east and the west island. This is the only place in Artartica where you can find a maximum population of 1,800 to 2,000 people. The most interesting place to visit here apart from the seashore is the Falkland Islands Museum. This museum houses the replicas of the 1982 conlflict and some details about the island in general. Also, another major interest of the island lies in the spectacular wildlife in the area.

Falkland Island Museum
South Georgia is a mountaineous range which is said to stretch 170 kms along the sea and is an amazing tourist destination. The mountain is covered with snow and glaciers and is a mindblowing place. The place is also popular, since thousands of fur seals are killed on the mountain ranges for their skin. The most popular Macaroni penguins are found on these mountain ranges.

The famous South Georgia Museum also houses some of the interesting displays of the history of the place and the wildlife.

South Georgia museum
South Shetland Islands is an amazing island in Antartica. It is one of the most populated islands and houses some of the remarkable population from Brazil, Argentina, South Korea and Russia. Also, the famous livingstone Island is an interesting place to visit there, as whale watching is an interesting activity there.

These are some of the very interesting and famous places where you can visit in Antartica. There are many activities to do there and you can have an amazing time there. In the populated parts of the islands in Falkland and Carcass, you can find lodges for accommodation and restaurants for fine dining. The best way to roam around Antartica is by the sea ferries or the cruise.

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  1. michelle says:

    antartica without doubt is a must watch place, as its too cool, the touristrs are taken on a cruise..

    and ofcourse the cute penguins are a pride of antartica, its impossible to think of antartica without those cute penguins.

  2. Fischer says:

    In Antarctica, for six months every year, the sun shines 24 hours a day at the South Pole.

    But don’t expect it to warm you up much. Winds catches high speed along the coast.

    During the dark six months of the year, the Antarctic winter (our summer), the South Pole station has a population of 28 people who can’t leave.

    For seven months, from early February until a plane flies in mid-winter with supplies, their only link to the outside world is via the Internet, phone, and radio.

  3. Thomas.W says:

    “What time is it?” is a tricky question in a place where all time zones converge.

    So everyone in Antarctica officially goes by New Zealand time.

    Plant and animal fossils and coal beds indicate it was once warm here.

    Antarctica, all alone at the bottom of the world, was once part of a larger land mass near the equator and gradually moved southward. What is now the Antarctic was once attached to India, Africa, Australia, and South America.

    This land mass, Gondwanaland, began breaking apart about 180 million years ago. Plate tectonics, the theory that the Earth’s crust is composed of several moving plates, accounts for Antarctica’s journey south.

  4. Matthew says:

    Hey Thomas.W, that’s some really interesting piece of information that you’ve shared with us..

    Antarctica has the distinction of being the most peaceful place on Earth.
    No wars have ever been fought on Antarctica.
    No sovereign country rules it.

    Tourists and scientists don’t need a passport, a visa, or anyone’s permission to visit.

    This “Zone of Peace” is dedicated to science, with a multinational treaty that prohibits mining or acting on land claims.

    That’s how we’d like to see our world :-)

  5. Jayden says:

    Wow Matthhew,

    That was very well-said! I double-like this!

    One of the least understood areas is the West Antarctic ice sheet and its capability for breaking up into giant icebergs.

    If global warming results in even a small rise in sea level, warmer water could flow under the West Antarctic ice sheet and break off ice chunks the size of New England.

    These ice chunks, which now sit on land, could raise sea level an estimated 18 feet worldwide, flooding coastal cities like Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts.

    Most scientists now think this scenario is unlikely to occur, and if it did, it would take centuries to happen.

    Thanks for posting about the vacation ideas on Antarctica!

  6. Joey says:

    Hey Jayden,

    That was some really useful information you gave on Antarctica and global warming effects predicted by scientists on it..

    I really like this post and am bookmarking you site, for especially this post and the awesome discussion here on it!

    Thanks a lot!

    Cheers to all here! :-)

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