All Embracing Georgia

Distinct, impeccable, mammoth are few essence that can best describe Georgia, which snuggles cozily at the East of River Mississippi. It is totally distinctive and unusual terrain from the others lying at its skirts. It is different from others as it is embellished with perfect and ideal location that the entire south has to offer. Enriched with wildlife and cultural extremists, right-leaning Republican political parties stand firmly against liberal idealism. Its geographical location presents lofty northern mountain ranges that rise to touch the sky; the vast cities gulp the smaller cities, overwhelmed rivers flow swiftly, and the coastal marshy lands are swarmed with fiddler crabs and waving cordgrass.

Atlanta, its capital and a large metropolitan city is a vast centre for transportation amenities, which rests casually with friendly neighborhoods. Its vicinity is incorporated with gigantic multinational companies MNC like Coca Cola and UPS. Coca cola memorializes its presence with a huge lustrous museum that is located at the city center. To relish fun and frolic of an amazing itinerary, backpack your stuffs and embark your trip from Atlanta. Following, chase the roadways and come across the state to gaze the mesmerizing retreats comprising of swaying oaks, antebellum houses, and arid nights of Savannah. After an eye-soothing natural indulgence, move ahead to enjoy in the nearby coastal barrier islands. There, tourists are provided great opportunities to discover loads of sophisticated and lively resorts and natural treasures. Also, carry your party attires to Jekyll Island and hiking boots to Cumberland.


Tourist attractions


Lying around 70 miles to the East of Atlanta, Athens is a mellowing town with arty, beery and casual college. However, it is popular for its much-appraised football team i.e. the University of Georgia Bulldogs, perky music scene whose land have given birth to rocking artists like B-52’S, REM and Widespread Music. Also, its flourishing and ever-growing restaurant culture offers a delectable treat with well-known chefs occupying the picture like the star chef Hugh Acheson and his electrifying eatery Five & Ten.

University of Georgia

Popular as UGA, the University of Georgia imbibes the culture of Athens and contributes an efficient flow of young bar-hoppers and concertgoers. Altogether, it is an enchanting location which stores something for everyone, its glitzy shopping stores, funky restaurants and drinking treats are there in abundance. Head in this comprehensive location from Atlanta by tracking over any one of these three routes- Highway 316, Highway 129 and Highway 78. Visit the Athens Welcome Center as it is an ancient Antebellum House, located at the corner of St. Thomas. Here, you can find maps, information on local tours which comprise of the civil war tour and a ‘Walking tour of Athens music history’ which is published in sync to the local entertainment magazine ‘Flagpole.’

Central Georgia

Central Georgia:

Georgia is an immense location which certainly possesses something or other for everyone, it will pull things from its hat that others can’t provide, even not the metropolitan Atlanta, neither the mountainous north Georgia, nor the swampy Savannah-centric south Georgia. The rest of the regions feels pastoral and southern, actually it is the difference between suburban living and country living.



Savannah is a grand antique town which possesses exciting charms like the formal antebellum architecture and rampant public fantasies. Perched besides river Savannah, around 18 miles from the coast, it lies amidst low country marshlands and lofty oak trees which are dribbling with Spanish moss. This town has preserved lovely mansions, cotton warehouses, and colonial public buildings with a beautiful glossy, luster that welcomes the tourists with a pretty smile on its face. However, being referred as ‘a beautiful lady with a dirty face,’ this charming town delights in being bad girl. Sometimes, it reflects a pint-sized image of New Orleans.

Savannah also has a somber façade, however it doesn’t take that too gravely, this can be attributed somewhat to Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD) as its presence lightens the situation. The city’s festive celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day are a grand affair and a legendary rite of spring which witnesses participation of the entire cottage industry. The cottage industry serves tourists who have a belief that Savannah is spooky, interested ghost-seekers can get guided tours of the city.

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