Adventurous at heart and having Geography as your passion then go Tornado chasing

This post is not for faint hearted people, so if you are, then don’t read it, you might even get a panic attack. And this is only and only for people, who know that beyond fear there is victory, courage and faith to achieve whatever success a man desires. Who has got the balls and guts, which have desires to be a top most adventurous, then this one is for you my folks.

Presenting you exhilarating, pulsating, thrilling and giving a new definition to excitement and fun, twist in tale of your adventure, a new activity for mind blowing fun and that is chasing tornado.

Yup just like in that movie “Twister”, same in those shiny SUV’s and with people who are well experienced in this, you shall be traveling along them for stunning form of adventure.

Tornado Alley in US is the most idealistic place for such an adventure. Whether you’re looking for thrill of chasing or want to enthrall in beauty of nature’s fury, Tornado Chasing tours gives you one of most exciting experiences of your life.

tornadoFor going on tryst with tornadoes, storms and twisters you require no previous storm chasing experience or knowledge of weather forecasting, all you need is your guts, pluck and mettle set in your heart and mind. In the chase be involved as much as you want or even as little as you want.

See and experience the chase of supercell-type thunderstorms which is capable of producing those black clouds hovering severe weather conditions and mind it, including tornadoes. Just imagine what the heck of fun it will be when storms form and there are severe weather conditions occurring, while you are on chase, on the road, in sexy SUV, this will offer an abundance of fast pacing excitement, something beyond, which is much different then any kind of threat or danger you have even thought least tried.

Not just the race with opponent like storm but on the way you devour most breathtaking sceneries on the planet. Adventurer will witness spectacular and explosive supercell thunderstorms with vivid nighttime lightning shows.

tornado and lighting

Tornado chase is an experience of natural beauty at Tornado Alley filled up with storm clouds, all exploding right before your eyes.

Though chase is all adventure and excitement, safety by tour operators of storm chase, is their number one priority. You can get closer to tornadoes, sometimes within few hundred yards, depending on the storm, road options, and various other factors without compromising on your safety.

Storm Tours providers provide for:

  • SUV’s for comfortable traveling and chasing with maximum of 6  people per SUV giving each a window seat
  • Mobile broadband Internet services for access to remote weather data from any place in the Tornado Alley.
  • GPS satellite navigation system: Letting you to navigate on any unfamiliar country roads.
  • Laptop computers displaying weather information


If you don’t love staying up and seeing the lightning, please re-consider whether this tour is for you or not.

You need to have passion for such excitement and thrill else you will be skipping your heartbeats more then often.

Consider booking with best in this tour operator Storm Chasing Adventure Tours that will for $2,600, be giving you pleasure of chasing storms for a week and includes accommodations. Else hurry up, if this has interested you to get your self listed in this adventure tour as Cloud 9 Tours are at present taking names down for pulsating two-week chases in year 2011 and that too its cheap if you book now, as low as $2,800, and if you are in hurry and want to try now then there may be few spots still left for 2010. Also you can Book a six-day tour with Silver Lining Tours for $2,400 or need more then a ten-day tour for $3,000. Each package mentioned has includes of a keepsake DVD. Whether your chasing twister will contain turbulent, Twister-esque cow, is for you to take a chance on!

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  1. AJ says:

    Special tornado tour? Whoa this is something out of the box!

  2. Brandy says:

    This is what is called thrill! You know you are going to be in dead man’s land but yet you go for it.

  3. Caryne says:

    This is really amazing trip till date! No one will say no to this amazing trip if he or she loves the thrill ride!

  4. Dale says:

    Do people go in such a kind of tours? Where does all this happen?

  5. Era says:

    Though everything is provided but when Twister arises any of the gadgets won’t work as people will be running here and there.

  6. Fi says:

    This is the best article I read till date! I believe today, nothing is impossible! Tornado tour!

  7. Graeme says:

    $3000 is so damn cheap for this lifetime experience tour!

  8. Haze says:

    Chasing a tour of Twisters and Tornadoes! This is so insane! Who has so much guts to risk their life?

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