Adventure travel to Kyrgyzstan

This winter I just planned for an adventure travel that ultimately turned out to be the most extraordinary trip. On my list of yearly adventure trip, this time it was the turn of the hilly Kyrgyzstan where I could dare to undertake trekking in a few of the most isolated and spectacularly wonderful sites that are hardly seen anywhere else on the planet. Trekking holidays are not that easy to plan, but when they are actually spent; nothing else seems to be more interesting, exhilarating, and mind-blowing. Certainly, this was my final judgment when I excitingly completed my trekking holidays in Kyrgyzstan. I have only one thing to say to all of you – if you love adventure as well as independence, then this is the adventure trip for you that you should aspire about!

This adventure travel to Kyrgyzstan was among my best trekking holidays ever spent in my life of 35 years. I was fortunate enough to reach directly to Bishkek by flight. This is because many other tourists who were with me on trekking were quite frustrated as they wasted much time by flying to Almaty and then reaching Bishkek by road that includes crossing the border from Kazakhstan although they had the local trekking company called ‘Edelweiss’ to help them.

On this adventure trip, the initial eight days were completely dedicated to trekking; the incredible adventurous excursion that started at the Issyk-Ata Gorge and then the Alamedin Gorge. What added to our excitement was the fact that this was a total remote region that was blessed with high passes, plenty of wildlife, and stunning vistas. Further, speaking about the humans, we could only spot some ‘nomadic’ herdsmen attending their hoard on the high pastures as well as a few local hunters as hunting is now restricted here thankfully.

The land of this adventure trip here is seriously very ardent, which is intersected frequently by a plethora of interesting river crossings due to which we actually were behind the schedule. Then, we had to change our course with the help of the trekking company that aided us to do so in a perfect way. Well, my heartily thanks to the satellite technology. As per the new plan, we headed towards the Ala Archa National Park that is actually near from Bishkek as it is accessible in just few hours. Although this national park is among the known tourist attractions here, very few try to explore what is beyond the limits of the car park. However, many venture to the far away waterfall that is just spectacular and is nestled on the way to the Base Camp (Ratsek Stop). This campsite offers you a trail of some 6 km at a height of 1200 m and is nestled near a contemporary edifice that ensures accommodation with a sauna. This is where we decided to stay where you can obtain running water, tents, and a ‘long-drop’ toilet somewhat away from the tents. Daily, we could see small herds of ibex that are seen only occasionally here. So, just be ready with your camera to especially capture the images of the large males.

As compared to the Issyk-Ata Gorge, this area is a comparatively busier especially during the weekend. However, one cannot say that it is crowded. Occasionally, small sets of climbers as well as walkers do come here for climbing to any of the peaks within a day. Each of these peaks astonishingly rises above 4000 m of which the most famous ones are Box, Utichel, and Korona. It is recommended to climb with the help of a local guide.

In the tents, the amity was such that I am not able to describe it in words. When the sun is on its way to set in the evenings, the Russian vodka is offered in plenty independently of the fact that the area is quite remote. I just loved to chat here wherein the English-knowing tourists could translate the stories of mountains and folk songs aided by the unavoidable guitar. This time it was a skilled Russian who played it for our entertainment.

To conclude, all the expectations of a perfect adventure travel are met here with extremely friendly locals, a worthy local guide, always helping trekking staff who served us beyond the duty, and the stunning nature. My special thanks to the cook Tanya as well as the Russian guide Sasha.

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  • Cost:
    Budget or moderate
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    Moderate to extreme
  • Suitable for:
    Young ones and backpackers
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