Adore the World Heritage Site of Antigua

Antigua is a small world of beaches offering the finest dunes in white that are made spectacular with the azure waters. With this mere statement, you can think how free-flowing destination this can be for those who love to spend holidays on unique beaches. From the air, this island might appear as a cliche, but it is this oddly-shaped terrain offering so much neatness and transparency that nobody would like to leave and go back home! Its countless rocky inlets and ridged coasts embrace some of the world’s ideal small beaches making the island to reach among the top tourist destinations.

Antigua island Caribbean

Are you aware of the famous idols such as the guitar-picker Eric Clapton and huckster scribe Ken Follett? Well, they all have their winter residences here. Further, some of the most exotic resorts on the Caribbean take refuge in this numerous bays and coves. But, this does not mean that only tourists with high budget can enjoy here. In fact, Antigua is the island that can accommodate all kinds of budgets to offer the best stay, a memorable vacation, and an exciting trip. In short, the breaking news is that you can obtain your own hotel and beach on these islands of West Indies.

Besides the natural attractions, the island of Antigua is also know for its British history whose heritage is yet well preserved and can be seen in several ways. Speaking about its present, the island seems to rock with the liveliest steel-drum music. And yes, I would like to mention specially about the inhabitants here who are always ready to welcome the visiting crowd with grace.

On this typical Caribbean island, you are likely to listen to a distinct English accent. Via its narrow paths holding the hamlets in candy color at the end, you are just free to discover almost everything rapidly. But, this does not hold true for the excellent and legendary English Harbor that will rob much of your time. This is in the capital city of St. John’s, more precisely in the Nelson’s Dockyard – a national park adorned with shops, a museum, hotels, and a ship hideaway boasting the Harbor as well as the Shirley Heights. In the past, the English Harbor was inhabited by Admirals Nelson and was considered safe during the Napoleonic wars.

Nelson's Dockyard

The Sea View Farm Village is actually the top draw here because of its excellent pottery work. Regarded as the cottage industry hub, the pottery work has its roots since the early 18th century when clay was used to prepare the catering containers. You can grab an opportunity to see how the clay is assembled from the depths and then how it is put into flames on the green grasses of the potters’ work area. As I brought some, even you can buy a few from the passages and stores. Just avoid keeping them in a cool atmosphere as it might get crack.

The Indian Town National Park on the eastern end of Antigua is known for its most scenic sight of the Devil’s Bridge that is a giant natural curve of limestone on the shore. The most exciting time to see this curve is at high tide when the surf of the Atlantic forces the H2O combination to get inside holes of the nearby rocks.

While you are in the capital city, St. John’s; do explore the Fort James of the 18th century whose sole aim was to safeguard the harbor that is now the capital. This scenic citadel offers some great views of the harbor including its intact walls as well as the cannons. And yes, if you have come until here, then Heritage Quay is very close known for its cheap shops and restaurants.

Fort James

For me, my most wonderful experience was the Fig Tree Drive that is really picturesque. Starting from the central plain and ending at the ancient volcanic hills in the Saint Mary hamlet, the drive is the hot favorite as you can marvel at the lush foliage; rainforest; vertical farmlands flanking the Fig Tree Hill; groves of banana, coconut, and mango; small churches; and amazing old sugar mills. If you are interested in sugar mills tour, just take it up as that is among the top delights here. The Betty’s Hope Sugar Plantation is legendary in the sense that it was the first large plantation site that encouraged large-scale sugar production. But today, two stone sugar mills along with the relics of the still house are seen. Well, if you come in future, you might then encounter an open-air museum.

Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation

The scenic Green Castle Hill in the capital’s south is known for the impressive geologic creations. And yes, the vistas of the plain and volcanic mass are just memorable. So, this them when you come here, ensure that you see these sights or else you would not obtain much from your trip. Believe it, it’s my experience!

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  1. Qert Curtis says:

    If you go for an Antigua vacation you must not miss the rafting on the river Rio Antigua! Here at Guatemala, Antigua my kids and I got a chance to see an active volcano, which is a n adventure in its own right! We visited the Pacaya Volcano here! The climb was not difficult! Once we reached the top, we got fantastic views of the entire Guatemala and the mass of volcano shooting out of the crater was a sight to behold! You must also visit the Baños Termales Santa Teresita which is a ONE-OF-A-KIND spa, it uses the thermal water generated from this volcano to soothe your body’s nerves and muscles, tired from the climb up the volcano.
    Great post!

  2. Keya D'Souza says:

    We had been to Antigua or the Guatemala city a few years back and really enjoyed here.There’s a city called Amatitlan which is at a distance of half an hour drive from Antigua.It is near the Amatitlan lake..What’s so special about this place? We got to taste the original WORLD FAMOUS hand-made candy of the locals, called Mazzapan! I just loved this candy :-)

  3. Maggie Hudgens says:

    If you fancy shopping here in Antigua island, you must visit the street market. The Mercado de Artesanias has more than 100 chirpy stalls with lively vendors selling ceramics, paintings, t-shirts, hand-woven bags, hand-woven blankets at really less prices! I bought a dvd of one of my favorite movies for just $1!!! Remember to bargain here! At the end, there is a farmers’ selling market, from where you can buy fresh fruits like papaya, pineapple, red bananas and also vegetables like ripe tomatoes and avocados.
    Nice place! Great Street Market :-) You’re going to love it especially!!

  4. Illeana Ryle says:

    The Monoloca bar is the best international set bar here in Antigua.We had a girls’ night out here on Tuesday at Monoloca! Its a fantastic place to chill out, watch sports and have amazing food. Monoloca has a great family atmosphere till 8 pm, after which it is pure fun and awesomeness! No drunk perverts you’ll find here. We ate chips and Nachos! Also check out the store on the first floor, you’ll find many funky and cool t-shirts with cute monkeys and animal designs on them!

  5. Rose Sanders says:

    Haha! Couldn’t agree more with you Illeana Ryle! I too had a n awesome Tuesday girls’ night out and loved the chilled beer! The feel of the place is just awesome..Also, if you are here, you may wish to check out Estudio 35..It’s again a lovely place to relax and have a few drinks and nice pizzas! The music playing in the background is identifiable to the rock-pop music of 80′s and 90′s. They have a large menu here. I had nachos and crepes..It was the best!The food is inexpensive and the drinks are great too! In Antigua, this place is really popular for youngsters.

  6. Hans Phoenix says:

    Great post on Antigua island in the Carribean side..I’ve been following your site for quite sometime, and find your articles really informative and valuable. You are doing great work! Congratulations! Keep posting :-)

  7. Henry Herzog says:

    If you visit Antigua ever, which you must, then you must not miss the Convento Santa Clara, which is an ancient historic site.It a beautiful place.The building is lovely. There is a very quiet and peaceful garden inside. Students are admitted for free..There was a concert in the courtyard at night..And in the background of the ancient ruins it seemed really sacred and peaceful.The whole experience was liberating! :-)

  8. Naomi Johnson says:

    A fortnight back, my husband and I visited La Azotea, a coffee plantation farm located near Antigua…After a very interesting guided coffee tour we were pleasantly surprised that this place had so much more to offer..There were many small museums here..There was a coffee museum, a Mayan music museum, and a local folk attire museum! A great morning to remember in a fabulous background :-)

  9. Lewis Meltzer says:

    Yup, this place La Azotea is a great cultural center.Even though my knowledge of Spanish is not great, I was able to understand the guide..The coffee museum has a vast collection of artifacts.The finca was amazing and I heard an engrossing story of how and where coffee plantation began in Antigua :-)

  10. Andrie Baxter says:

    Antigua history has left its evidence in the form of wonderful churches and architecture here. Cathedral de Santiago was built in 1543, damaged by an earthquake and rebuilt in 1700′s. This church captures your heart as its beauty is mesmerizing!

  11. Lana Brown says:

    Antigua is a lovely place with fascinating history, which is well-kept in the form of monuments..The most beautiful evening in Antigua I had at Arco de Santa Catalina..Surrounded by pastor-colored buildings and cobbled pathways, it is really enjoyable to walk around this place..You’ll get to see lovely views of the mountains from here. In the dimness of night, this ancient arch which was built to serve as a passageway for monastery and adjoining school. The somber looking buildings were built to accommodate an increasing number of religious followers during the 17th century.
    This place is really beautiful and the best in Antigua

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