A day in the Home of Mukesh Ambani

So, you heard Mukesh Ambani’s name lately? Mukesh Ambani is a businessperson from India, who is the chairperson of Reliance Industries Limited. He is the one who became the richest man in the world, just for a few hours, owing to a surge in the Stock market of India, which was a result of a major miscalculation. This does not stop him from being among the top five richest men in the world. Mukesh Ambani is said to have a current net worth of well over USD fifty billion and having said so is positively and surely amongst the five richest men in the world.

Why all this talk on Mukesh Ambani suddenly, you ask? Besides being the richest man in India, he is also building the world’s biggest house and office complex for his family and himself. Now when we tell you that he has fifty billion bucks to spend, and a house to build, one can only guess that it will be a state of the art home, probably second to none in terms, of technological advance, design and the ability to provide comfort. The house that Mukesh Amabani is having built is a billion dollar home! The amount of money that is being spent on this house is unlike any amount of money that has been spent on any other home project!

The house until now is still in its planning stages and work has begun on it already. According to what is already known of the planning of this house, the total height of the building is a little more than a hundred and seventy three meters. This is pretty much the same as a residential building having sixty odd floors. However, this building, named the Antilia, after the mysterious story of the mythical Atlantis, does not have sixty storeys; it has merely twenty-seven of them. This would mean that the ceiling of each of the floors would be much more higher than the standard height of three meters that one would find from the floor to the ceiling in a regular house. One can only guess how much higher the ceilings would be. As if the “big” factor of having a house that stand as tall as sixty storeys is not enough, the ceilings have to be much higher too!

Six floors of the Antilia building have been marked down for the parking facilities. This does not come as too much of a surprise, as any billionaire would need oodles of place to park his many fine cars. Add to that the fact that Mukesh Ambani likes cars. A lot. It is said that Mukesh Ambani has a hundred and sixty eight cars that have been ! These include his Hyundai Sonata, his Mercedes Maybach 62, and his Mercedes SL 500. The seventh floor of their building would be used for the servicing of all of their cars, since the Ambani family would not want any of their cars to leave the premises, especially for maintenance and servicing. This service center for the upkeep of the cars would mean that the Mukesh and family would have an eye on their beloveds at all times.

About the servicing center of the cars on the seventh floor, would be the Ambani’s floor reserved exclusively for the family and guests, entertainment needs. This way, important people as they are, the Ambani family would not have to leave the comfort of their home to be entertained. Among the many things on the floor for relaxation, rejuvenation and fun on this floor is a mini theater, which would have the ability to seat a minimum of fifty people. As if having such a facility in a house is not one to die for, above, on the rooftop of the mini theater is a garden, where the family and guests could go for a break. Besides this, there are also three other balconies above, with terrace gardens on separate floors.

The floor above this, the ninth floor, is to be used as a refuge floor for all those in the building, in the event of an emergency situation. The tenth and the eleventh floor of this colossal structure will be entirely dedicated towards health and healthy living. While the tenth floor will have, options for sports activities like swimming and athletics, the floor above would be used for a state of the art health facility, which would be replete with the newest, and the most technologically advanced gym equipment.

Above the tenth and eleventh floors, there is the glass fronted apartment that can be used by the guests of the Ambani family. Located right above the health floors, this floor is indeed, a two storied apartment. Above this floor is another refuge floor that is a requisite of a building of this size and grandeur. Above the second refuge floor, there is a floor that would be dedicated to the mechanical functioning and working of their entire building.

The highest four residential  floors of the building are meant exclusive for the Ambani family, which comprises of his wife, Neeta, his three children, his mother Kokilaben, and himself. From the top four floors, the family would get one of the most spectacular views of the Arabian Sea. In addition, the members of the Ambani family would now have one of the best views of the skyline of Mumbai City.

Atop the living quarters of the Ambani family are planned two floors, out of which one would be used as a maintenance area for the building. The floor below the roof of the building would be the control room for the landing and take offs of helicopters from the building itself. This floor would be known as the “Air Space Floor”. Like the cherry on the icing of a cake, the roof of this magnificent building will be topped with three helipads.

Everybody knows that having and running a house like this is no easy task, and so the Ambani family will have the support of six hundred full time staff helping with the everyday activities of the house.  When this building sees its completion, in the near future it will be a home like no other, leaving even the closest of contenders in terms of homes far, far away.

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