7 Soothing Midwest Hideouts – Part – II

Knowing the calming destinations may have granted you some relaxation, but the other destinations that I have brought into limelight are amazing and worth visiting. So check more details about them, below…

Madison, Wisconsin:

Though being the capital and the second largest city in the state, it renders the small town feel. This is a sensational place proffering lively things comprising of college bars, live-music venues and economical food places that are spread around the city. Also, this shelters the highly esteemed University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s fun during the summers as this place turns more chirpier and energetic than it is, with more lively activities. It proffers for outdoor music concerts, music festivals, Saturday farmer markets and one can indulge himself in boating without getting bored as there are four lakes encircling the city.


‘The Great Taste of the Midwest craft beer’ festival is the most awaited and popular festival that is held every year in August. Quite renowned attraction entices massive crowds; therefore the tickets get sold on the first day of sale itself. And the eye-balls grabbing juggling is created by the colossal display of fireworks on air by ‘Rhythm and Booms Fourth fireworks’ that takes place in July. Apart from the festival period, visit this place during the winters when the lakes freeze. This spot will certainly turn your winters even more chilling and icy. It is the time when you can jump overwhelmingly out there on winter sports like ice-skating, skiing, ice-fishing and try your skills grabbing fun in cross-country skiing.

Getting there:

It is located at a close distance from Chicago and Milwaukee of around 2 hours by roadways and 4 hours from Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Traverse City, Michigan:

Traverse City is also renowned as “Cherry Capital of the World.” Not only this, placing cherry on the top of cake is, that this is a comprehensive destination offering lots of things at a particular time. It provides a whole package in which there is something for everyone who have differing likings. This popular destination of Michigan is uniquely wide-ranging offering everything right from Lake Michigan’s water to burbling sandy beach stretching upto 180 miles, to lush green forests, to acres of golf courses, skiing opportunities, so isn’t the spot unique? These delighting activities are enough to keep people busy round the year.

Lake Michigan’s shore gives way to colossal sand dunes that are formed because of heavy wind flows. Enjoy them around the hiking and biking trails. Grab the fun of wine tasting during summers as this location nourishes vineyards in the wavy mountains and about 30 wineries. Wander around the vineyards for tasting wine and observing the beautiful nature, also move towards the town square which houses a tasting room. Sit there and sample from one winery to another.


As this land is famous allover the globe for abundant cherry growth, it organizes a cherry festival every year during summer. Be a part of the annual fest and ultimately get to experience the global act. This exceptional wonder also hosts a film festival initiated by Michael Moore. The game doesn’t end over here, there are other charming festivals encompassing of art shows, music festivals and farmers market.

Getting there:

Located at a time distance of 4 hours from Detroit and five hours from Chicago by car, Traverse City is the land of fun and lots of cherries. Also you can take a direct flight in the local airport.

door countyDoor County, Wisconsin:

Fun-loving tourists will fall in love with this exotic location after they spot the varying roller coaster activities. This town possesses the potential of filling electrifying energy after they indulge in diverse sporty treats like swimming, biking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, horse riding and fishing. Other than the natural retreats, one can engage in daring sports like zip line adventure through the trees, mini-golf, parasailing, scuba diving etc. After exploring fun and frolic in the adventures, one can soothe in recreational activities like spa and also sample wine around the five wineries.

Because of popularity, Door Country is frequently visited and during the summers, it’s huddled with massive tourists. To enjoy the location and its fun totally, give this place a hit during the spring, when you can see the blossoming of the natural environment. Or come here, during the fall when you can observe the natural vivacity. Winter is a good option when the land is snow-clad, people can cheer there moods while indulging in activities like skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

Getting there:

Placed in the Northeast of Wisconsin, it makes a simple drive of about 2 long hours from Milwaukee and 4 hours from Chicago. Aboard a ferry ride from Michigan and explore the lake waters, it will hardly make a journey of 4 hours.

Long Glong groverove, Illinois:

This tiny legendary village might seem nominal in lending any fun, but you will be astonished to know that this small town is actually a wonder. The town’s main street gives a posh sophisticated feel like that of walking in Main Street of U.S.A. The brick pavements, cobblestone tracks and the classic architecture reminds of the plain classic days. The streets take leads your way to lush verdure Central Square. This spot is a paradise for foodies, they can indulge in a sugary treat of fresh sweets and donuts. Donut lovers can head in ‘Apple Haus’ for fresh donuts. There is the ‘Long Grove Confectionary’ that delights anyone alike be it a kid or elderly with its toothsome deals. During your visit, relish the seasonal festivals like Oktoberfest, Irish days and Wine, Dine and Art Fest.

Getting there:

Habitats of Chicago can take a short break from the regular hustle and bustle of life and backpack their things and leave for this small town. It takes hardly half an hour, if one drives or catches train.

7 Soothing Midwest Hideouts – Part – I

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