7 Soothing Midwest Hideouts – Part – I

Looking for hideout destinations that overhaul you from your routine running life? So, it’s very simple, the answer is at your finger tip. Voyage to some of the Midwestern states which affords for scenic countryside locale, tranquility, balmy ambiance, snuggling at the nature’s lap. Even the Midwestern states have developed a view that there Chicago shelters big city malls and beyond it lays the rustic cornfield and pastoral lands for cattle. They might be slightly acquainted or totally unaware of the fact that adjoining there homes lies peaceful and natural aroma. Knapsack your clothesline and step in the Midwestern eclectic verves and spend a pleasant set of memorable holidays… let’s step foot forward in these accessible and easy-going destinations.

New Buffalo, Michigan:

This destination lies up-close to Chicago, barely an hour from Chicago and if you embark your trip from Detroit, then it will take around four hours passing through the roadside trails simultaneously cherishing actual fun of car ride. As your road trip ends, it leads way for the spectacular West Coast of Michigan that is speckled with tinsel towns like New Buffalo, Saugatuck, and St. Joseph. Each of these three possess common positive characteristic, don’t bite your fingernails, let me create a bit of suspense. Just kidding… they share the common trait of offering an eye-soothing Lakeview of Lake Michigan. What a finesse it creates with the magnificent view of twilight? It’s simply amazing rendering an Ah… experience of life…! What are you thinking? Get up and dip in the pleasant waters of Lake Michigan, enjoy the fun of swimming and boating on the lake. Not only this, camp at the lake sides, it would certainly leave its awe-inspiring impression in a lifetime experience.

New Buffalo, charming native town settling midst amazing milieu affords for enchanting retreats like boating, this is conspicuous as, when you enter the place your sight finds view of many boats trafficking the harbor. Also, for foodies, this place would seem to be an endless treat offering with diverse indigenous cuisines with an added fun of wine. The Inns have an affable and classy atmosphere rendering healthy dining opportunities, good news for all the foodie out there. As it is a small town that is on access, it attracts bee line of tourists from around the city. Move ahead at this relaxation point…

Saugatuck shelters some of the most cozily lying beaches around. Also, it has an added retreat for the art lovers by bestowing lots of art galleries. This is a virtual escape from the hectic schedules of day to day life, believe me St. Joseph will render a relaxed and recreational feeling. Apart from gaining fun in nature, get out for wine tasting fun in the Southwest Michigan Wine Trail. You can fulfill your thirst of wine, that too for free as there are lots of wine shop lying in tow which offers for wine tasting.

Laklake genevae Geneva, Wisconsin:

‘A rocking town’, by this I am pointing that this town owes a rich historical background as it used to serve the high-class sophisticated people as a hip-shaking spot. In its glory days, it used to be a prestigious partying spot for elites dwelling in the town. It also has nurtured a playboy club here. Now-a-days, it acts as a launching point for boat tours of the lake passing by multi-million dollar lakefront homes that are owned by some of the most influential families.

Even after this town’s sophisticated feel, they choose to live a simple life, which is noticeable. People who stay at moderate means, also can freely visit this destination and enjoy the things that it proffers. For this purpose, they have maintained a public harbor that is located down the shores and they ensure the common man that they too can enjoy access to the lake. Also, the lake overlooks a two-foot pavement so that it is easy for the public to roam around the lake’s edge, if some one wants to chill out.

Getting there & Accommodation:

Located at an access of 50 miles from the town of Milwaukee and 90 miles from Chicago, Lake Geneva is an idyllic destination for a cool chill-out. This Lake is gushed with small towns and pleasant resorts. Also, available are full-fledged services that take the responsibility of picking you from the Harvard Metra Train station. This station welcomes trains from Chicago on hourly basis. So this is good news for the residents who don’t have a car, but still can get easy access. And the amenities that the resort offers are impressive, want to know them, they are a full-service spa, games for the kids, live music and barbecue on weekends, water-sports on the lake, and a nearby beach.

galenaGalena, Illinois:

Galena- the most legendary classic town retains some of the antique structures. 85% of the buildings standing in the town are historic collections that have been accounted in the National Register of Historic Locations, so now you got to know what a hefty collection it has preserved, isn’t it awe-inspiring. When you take a relaxing walk around the trails, you will be walking midst rich historical locations.

Take a walk down the main street of the town, and you will get glimpse of the monumental church that is been standing since 1832 and also the Desoto House Hotel in Illinois which occupies the esteem of being the oldest amongst all. And for the wine-lovers, the Galena Cellars Tasting Room is heaven as it offers for wine tasting which is freshly extracted from the nearby vinery.

You don’t need to ponder over your touring period to here as this place is fun at every season, be it the autumn or the warm summer or chilling winters. And during winters, it’s much more chilling because you are provided with plenty of adventurous activities like skiing and hiking in the Chestnut Mountain resort. And if you want a light activity then go for other options like golf, fishing and spa. Or others my try there hand over riding the horses at the Eagle Ridge Resort. If you want to save the heavy expenses of accommodation, then don’t fuss unnecessarily over it. In this town, there are nearly hundred of families which offer for breakfast and bed, at low costs.

Getting there:

Take a drive spanning three hours from Chicago to Galena that crosses the Mississippi Rivers and after crossing this you will pass through Iowa. This long drive affords some of the best scenic views inside Illinois transforming your long drive a memorable one.

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